Adams Papers

Wetmore’s Minutes of the Review: Essex Superior Court, Salem, November 1772

Wetmore’s Minutes of the Review1

Essex Superior Court, Salem, November 1772

Porter [and] Steel. Case for money received and promise to pay it. Plea no promise. Proof. Produced a Receipt and the signing was denied. The Clerk of Inf[erior] Court produced the original receipt.2

Sarge[ant] for Steel. The Qu. is (as this is a review) whether the former Judgment be wrong.

Adams. The principal query is whether the Receipt was sign’d.

Oliver J. Steele owns his subscribing the paper but say[s] a part has been added at the top. This must be proved by him else of no consequence save to his own disadvantage.

1In William Wetmore’s hand. Adams Papers, Microfilms, Reel No. 184.

2The original does not appear in the files.

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