Adams Papers



The young gentlemen who graduated yesterday were.

Benjamin Abbot

Solomon Adams

Thomas Adams

Thomas Bancroft

Oliver Barron

Stephen Baxter

Joseph Brigham

Joseph Cabot

George Caryl

Edward Clarke

Oliver Dodge

James Gardner

Adam Gordon

William Hill

Charles Jackson

Abner Lincoln

Henry Phelps

John Phillips

James Prescott

Daniel Clarke Sanders

William Sawyer

Amos Tappan

John Dexter Treadwell

Charles Turner

Nathan Underwood

Samuel West

Robert Wier

Jacob Kimbal’s name is inserted in the Theses and Catalogue but he could not obtain his degree being unable to pay his bills.

This morning Mr. Andrews called me at College, before six o’clock, and we soon departed together towards Braintree where we arrived at about nine. Mr. Andrews breakfasted with us, and then proceeded to Hingham. My Spirits were so much exalted yesterday, that a contrary effect seems this day to take place; the bow-string by being too much distended cannot regain its usual position without an intermediate relaxation; the weather was sultry and I felt much fatigued.

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