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I paid a few visits in the morning. Dined with a pretty large Company at Mr. Duncan’s. After Dinner I went with Mr. W. White, and Leonard, and paid a visit to Mrs. Stoughton. Miss N. Sheaffe,1 was there, a celebrated Belle. Her appearance does not strike me; as extraordinary; she has a fine eye which gives her countenance a degree of animation. But her complexion is not clear, and she has no colour at all. She is supposed to be married to a Mr. Irving, but it is kept secret, because he depends upon an old uncle, who would not approve of the marriage at all. We drank tea at Mr. Harrods.

There appears a very considerable alteration in the behaviour of P. White within these 4 months. She is soon to be married to Mr. Bartlett, and has already adopted the course of behaviour which will be necessary: there is such a material difference in the manners of married and unmarried Ladies, that in a numerous company a person might I suppose easily distinguish them, though he should not be personally acquainted with any.

1Ann (Nancy) Sheaffe, of Boston, married John Erving Jr., mentioned later in the entry, on 30 Sept. (Boston Record Commissioners, 30th Report, description begins City of Boston, Record Commissioners, Reports, Boston, 1876-1909; 39 vols. description ends p. 413).

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