Adams Papers




Vol II.1
From July 1st. 1786 to October 31st. 1787.

Tempora labuntur, tacitisque senescimus annis,

Et fugiunt, fraeno non remorante dies.



1Titlepage for D/JQA/11, covering the inclusive dates inscribed. The top line on this page is written in an earlier hand, presumably the date on which he purchased the blank Diary book. This same inscription appears on the top of titlepages of D/JQA/10 and 12, which are identical 380-page leather-bound books, all measuring 4¼″ × 6¾″.

2“Time slips away, and we grow old with silent lapse of years; there is no bridle that can curb the flying days,” Fasti, Bk. VI, lines 771–772 (Opera, 5 vols., London, 1745, 1:[134], at MQA; Publii Ovidii Nasonis Fastorum Libri Sex, transl. Sir James George Frazer, 5 vols., London, 1929, 1:352–353). JQA purchased his own edition of Ovid, cited above, on 15 March 1785.

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