Adams Papers



A List of the Present, junior Sophister Class1

William Lovejoy Abbot.

*Abiel Abbot

*John Quincy Adams.

Jonathan Amory

Samuel Angier

*William Amherst Baron [Barron]

*Benjamin Beale

*James Bridge.

*Josiah Burge

John Chandler.

Thomas Chandler

*Gardner Leonard Chandler

Caleb Child

*William Cranch

*Joshua Cushman

Peter Eaton

*Oliver Fiske

John [Murray] Forbes

Bossinger [Bossenger] Foster

**Nathaniel Freeman

Timothy Fuller

Thomas Hammond

*Thaddeus Mason Harris

Walter Hunnowell [Hunnewell]

Joseph Jackson

Asa Johnson

Ephraim Kendall

Nathaniel Laurence [Lawrence]

Ebenezer Learned

*Moses Little

James Lloyd

James Lovell.

William Mason

Daniel Mayo

Samuel Mead

Ephraim Morton

*Hezekiah Packard

Nathaniel Shepherd Prentiss.

Samuel Putnam

Isaac Rand.

John Sever

Solomon Vose

John Jones Waldo

Francis Welch

Leonard White

Richard Whitney

Samuel Willard.

Samuel Williams.

No reciting this day, nor indeed this week. The Scholars that live near Cambridge, commonly come and enter their names in the Buttery, and then go home again, and stay the remainder of the Week. I went down to the President’s in the morning to carry a Letter to him. Spent my Time in writing, reading, and playing on the flute. Lodg’d with my brother.

1JQA’s classmates are identified under the “character sketches” which he included in the diary entries of his senior year. In addition to those listed here, the class of 1787 included three other students—William Samuel Judd, Samuel Kellogg, and John Phelps, who were transfer students from Dartmouth and Yale. They entered Harvard in the months following this entry. The asterisks apparently denote members of the Harvard chapter of Phi Beta Kappa inducted before 11 Dec. 1786. Putnam and White were also members, but their names are unmarked and were presumably missed because the list continues on the verso of the Diary page. The meaning of the double asterisk before Freeman’s name is uncertain (MH-Ar: Phi Beta Kappa Records, 1 :passim).

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