Adams Papers

Wednesday July the 4th 1781.

Wednesday July the 4th 1781.

This day being the Anniversary of American Independance, all the Americans din’d together, at a place call’d De Nieuwe Stads Herberg, but brother Charles and I could not go. In the afternoon Brother Charles and I went to the Oude Man Huis to buy some things, We went to Madam Chabanel’s, brother Charles went away soon after and I went to take a walk with the young ladies, I supp’d there, and after supper went again to take a walk. I got home at about 11 o’clock.

From Waller’s Works. (Continued from Yesterday) Canto 2d.1

1The second and final canto, of 54 lines, takes up three pages in the Diary (same, p. 149–150).

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