Adams Papers

[January 1804]
[from the Diary of John Adams]

[July–August] 1804.1

July 2d. Mowed, over vs. Yard and Garden
3 One Load, from the road to the ditch and from the cart path to the pasture Lane 1
4 Four Loads, over the Way and between the ditch and orchard 4
5 One Load from Chris Webbs House Lott 1
6 One from the 10 Acre Lot on the hill 1
7 Two in Cranchs Barn and two from the 10 Acre Lott 4
Sunday 8
9 Two load one from Mr. Cranchs and 1 from 10 Acre Lot 2
Wed. 11. 4 Load from about the Hancock Cellar 4
T. 12. 6 Load five from about Hancocks Cellar and one from the Walnut Lot 6
F. 13 6 Load. 3 from Walnut Lot and three from about Hancocks Cellar and one Jag2 7
S. 14. Six Loads from Chris. Webbs farm 6
Sunday 15
Monday 16
Tuesday 17
Wednesday 18 Seven Loads 3 from the orchard and 4 into Mr. Cranches Barn of Clover—Jaggs all. 7
Thursday 19
F. 20
S. 21 5 Load from the Wire Grass Hill 5
Sunday 22
Monday 23 Three Loads from the ten Acre hill 3
Tuesday 24 Three Loads from the orchard and beyond it 3
Wednesday 25 Two Loads from the Ditch 2
Thursday 26 Three Loads in Mr. Cranchs Barn 3
Fryday 27 Three, fresh and all into Mr. C. Barn 3
Saturday 28 One Load from the Beech Meadow part black grass 1
Sunday 29
Monday 30 One Load Salt [hay] from the Coves 1
August 17 Fryday 5 loads of Salt Hay from the Coves 5
Saturday 18 3 loads, one from the Coves and two from Mount Wollaston at the Salt pond 3
Sunday 19
Monday 20 3 Loads from the Meadows on this and the other side the Causey 3
Tuesday 21 2 Loads from the Causey at Mount Wollaston 2
Wednesday 22 Four loads from the beach 4
Thursday 23 Two loads from the Beach Salt Hay 2

1This tabular record of JA’s haying operations and the homely entry immediately following, the final scraps of JA’s Diary, were not printed by CFA.

2Jag, substantive, 2 (origin unknown): “dial, and U.S. ... 1. A load (usually a small cartload) of hay, wood, etc.” (OED description begins The Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford, 1933; 12 vols. and supplement. description ends ).

1784 [i.e. 1804]. Aug.

The last Week in August We ploughed a ditch and brought the Earth into the Yard and 32 loads of Mud from the Cove.

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