Adams Papers

Feb. 11. 1779.
[from the Diary of John Adams]

Feb. 11. 1779.1

It is my indispensable Duty, to tell the Comte de Vergennes that I think one great Cause of this horrid Address of Mr. Deane is Mr. Franklins Certificate in his favour that he is an able and faithfull Negotiator, and that Mr. Franklin was deceived in this—that Mr. F.’s Knowledge actually in America, for a great Many Years has not been long2—that he was Upright in this but deceived. That there are such certain and Infallible Proofs of Vanity, Presumption, Ambition, Avarice, and Folly in Mr. Deane as render him very unworthy of Confidence and therefore that Dr. F. has been deceived.

1Second entry of this date. In the MS a blank of nearly half a page separates the two entries so dated.

2JA probably meant to write “wide” or “extensive”; or else he supposed, when completing this clause, that he had written “Residence” instead of “Knowledge” as subject of the clause.

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