Adams Papers

[April 1776]
[from the Diary of John Adams]

[Residences of Delegates in Philadelphia, April? 1776.] 1

Coll. Whipple lodges at Mrs.   in Walnut Street.

Mr. Hancock, Messrs. Adams’s, Paine and Gerry at Mrs. Yards in 2d Street.

Mr. Hopkins at  

Mr. Sherman, Coll. Wolcott and Coll. Huntington at Mr. Duncans in 3d.

Mr. Duane at the Collectors in Markett Street, next door to Coll. Reads.

Gen. Livingston, Mr. De Hart in Second Street.

Mr. Serjeant at Dr. Ewing’s.

Mr. Moreton at  

Mr. Wilson at  

Mr. Johnson at  

Mr. Alexander at  

Mr. Goldsborough at  

Mr. Tilghman at his Brothers.

Coll. R. H. Lee at  

Coll. F. L. Lee at the Corner opposite Mr. George Clymers.

Mr. Wythe in Chesnutt Street.

Coll. Harrison at Randolphs.

Mr. Braxton at  

Mr. Hewes, at, in 3d Street—lives alone.

Mr. Rutledge at Mrs. Yards.

Mr. Lynch at  

Mr. Lynch Junr. at  

1This imperfect but interesting list, hitherto unpublished, was written in the final leaves of D/JA/25. JA evidently put down all the names at one sitting but left ample space for additional names and addresses to be supplied later. A comparison with the attendance records of members compiled by Burnett (Letters of Members description begins Edmund C. Burnett, ed., Letters of Members of the Continental Congress, Washington, 1921–1936; 8 vols. description ends , 1:xli–lxvi) shows that, apart from the (doubtless inadvertent) omission of the Delaware delegation, JA’s list closely approximates the membership of Congress known from other evidence to have been present in late April. One could be more confident and precise about the date if the attendance records of certain members of the New York and South Carolina delegations were less obscure.

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