George Washington Papers

General Orders, 13 August 1781

Monday August 13th 1781.

Parole Newhaven
Countersigns Fairfield

For the Day Tomorrow

Major General Howe

Lieutenant Colonel Millen

For Picquet Major Ashley

Inspector Captain Warner vice Robinson

The Commander in Chief having been informed that various practices have been made use of by the officers of one regiment to inlist for the War men who are engaged for three years in another.

He thinks proper to direct that a stop may be put to such mode of proceeding —

but at the same time recommends to the officers to endeavour to engage for the War those men in their own regiments whose services are for any other term without burthening the Continent with any additional expence for their inlistment— By these Means the public service will be equally benefitted and the internal arrangement and level of regiments will be preserved.

Two Dragoons from Colonel Sheldon’s regiment are to mount daily with the Guard at Dobbs ferry and are to be dispatched by the officer to the General Officer of the day and to Colonel Scammell with intelligence.

Captain Bleeker of the first New York regiment is appointed to do the duty of Inspector to the Light troops under the Command of Colonel Scammell.

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