George Washington Papers

General Orders, 4 August 1781

Head Quarters near Dobb’s Ferry Saturday Augt. 4. 1781.

Parole Picardy
Countersigns Chantilly Rochelle

For the day tomorrow

Brigadier General Huntington

Lieutenant Colonel Johnston

For Picquet Major Maxwell

Inspector Captain Remick

The Waggon Master General is to make an immediate Return of all Horses and Oxen employed in his Department including the riding horses.

The Quarter Masters of Brigades and seperate Corps are to make Returns of all Horses therein and of the names (and ranks of officers) if the persons by whom they are kept excepting those belonging to the Waggon Department.

These Returns are to be made to the Quarter Master General on Monday next—In every case the Public and Private Property are to be distinguished as well as the riding from the draught horses—By that day the Quarter Master General will ascertain the Numbes of Horses kept by all General and Staff officers not attached to Brigades or seperate Corps—Every Horse kept by any person belonging to or following the American Army not included in these returns which shall after the time above mentioned befound within the Limits of the Camp or between the Camp and Croton river is to be delivered to the Waggon Master General and employed for the public service.

No draught or waggon horse is to be rode on any pretence whatever unless when sent after Forage or to water; any person found riding such horse on any other occasion will be tried by a court martial and punished for disobedience of orders.

Untill further Orders General DuPortail’s Guard to be furnished from the Corps of Sappers and Miners.

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