George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Mary Boude Clarkson, 13 February 1781

c.13 February 1781

After the Death of the late amiable Mrs Read we found the Benevolent Work she had begun was at a stand; the Idea was painfull and we determined to be Candidates for that laudable employment—we [succeeded and have the] pleasure to inform Your Excellency that Agreeable to your Advice to that Worthy Lady we have invested the Whole of the Pennsylvania Donation in Shirts, and delivered to Coll Miles four Boxes, Containing Two thousand one hundred & seven Shirts, [   ] pair of Breeches & 14 pair of Stockings, lately received from Chester County. Seventy Seven of the Shirts are the produce of the donation from some Ladies at Trenton, which Your Excellency transmitted to our Treasuress for that purpose—happy to receive your Commands and only regretting that each Soldier in our brave Army couldn’t be beneffitted by the Attentions of the Women of this State—We have the Satisfaction to assure you that immediately on our having cut out the Shirts a great Number of Patriotic Women of this City with warm and gratefull Hearts begged they might be indulged with the pleasure of Making them lamenting thier Abilities was so far short of their Wishes to testify the high Esteem they had for our Brave Army.

Permit us to embrace the Occasion of expressing the feeble Wishes that [   ] our Hearts in Your Excellencys favor. May your merrits be as deeply impressed on the Minds of all Worthy Americans as Your exalted [Virtued] deserves. May you lead home in Triumph [a] Victorious Army, framed by your Excellency, and trained by your Precepts for the most Valuable purpose of restoring expiring Liberty. May you enjoy all the Train of Blessings Consequent to such Virtuous Labour, and long live the Tool of a gratefull People. Acknowledging you the happy instrument in the hand of [Divine] Providence, for perfecting the glorious Work of Peace & Liberty to Your Native Country The United Independent States of America.

Pardon most revered Sir if we have [intruded] on your time which we are sensible is invaluable to America, and attribute our presumption to the Overflowings of gratefull Hearts [of] the known benignity of Yours, being with the Warmest zeal and utmost respect Your sincere Friends & most obliged Hume Serts

M. Clarkson A. Francis

Sarah Bache [Sarah Blain]Henrietta Hillegas

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