George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Barent Martlings, 23 January 1781

Fish Kill Landing January 23 1781

Der Sir

may et ples your ExcelanSa to hav apetesin appreciation of one belonging to that anSent and noble Sosiette of masonra Masonry hom whom is now under the neSeste to Right to your ExcelanSa as the father of the thorteen Juinet Stats I will now lat your ExecelanSa kno my proseding in the yar 1776 I was in the minnet Sarvist in new yore[k] from that a Laftenent in the five month Sarvis at kings Braget Kings Bridge fabuary 1777 I ingadt in the quarter masters Depertment with major Kiers at Kings ferry whare I continedt till in november 1779 whan I got my Self Lam lame in Sarvin my contery wich Lamnis lameness Stil trugels troubles me in the beginin of thes tims I Lavd lived at toppon Tappan in orrans Orange town from thar I was forst forced to move my famly to harver Straw whar I Levid whan the Enyme cam to taek Verplanks pint and Stony pint at that time. Lost all my efasct effects I got with my famly to fish kill Landing whare I got a Sloop and inert in the Sarvist service and hafe Sarvid my Contry with my Son and my Self that wey ware both all mast naket naked for the whont of clos I never Drod one Sxpence wort of any Clos I have not one farding of monny to halp my Self nor a moudtful of proveSin provision for my famly as I have Savin seven in famly and mus nids Starf for whont If I get no Relife I cannot get my monny Due to me had I any monny I might halp my Self a letel I homble Bag your EscelandSa will be pleSed to grant me Relefe at prasent my bad Riten your ExcelanSa I hop will exSques. I am Your ExcelanSa humble Sarvint and wall wiser

Barent Martlings

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