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To George Washington from Israel Shreve, 8 January 1781

Pompton-Camp, 8th Jany 1781

In consequence of General Wayne’s orders of the 2d instant, a battalion was formed of about 250 men of those in the Brigade who were left clothed, and marched the day following to Morristown under the command of Lieut. Colonel Barber. The clothing did not arrive till yesterday when I meant to have followed with the remainder of the troops but reasons which I presume Your Excellency will deem sufficient have induced me to decline this step—My situation is critical—I could not have marched more than a Captain’s command exclusive of the necessary guards and detachments—and I am Sorry to inform Your Excellency that the soldiers present appear to be exceedingly mortified and disgusted on account of the unspeakably bad quality and scanty supply of clothes—add to these the reasons assigned in a letter of Colonel Barber’s which for Your Excellency’s satisfaction I take the liberty to enclose. Upon the whole I think it most eligible to continue the different commands and detachments and remain in my present situation, prepared to act as exigencies may require.

Of seventy four Jersey men in the regiment late Colonel Spencer only thirty one have joined the Brigade, several of whom were without arms. The arms of those who had any were in the worst condition and most of them unfit for service—The men are good. Enclosed is a return of the whole in which the absent are accounted for. The surplus clothing of the regiment is at Stoney-Point—I could wish that such articles as were drawn for the men of the Jersey Brigade who are not present might be ordered to this place.

I shall immediately set out for Chatham to learn more particularly the situation of affairs in that quarter and finally settle the arrangement of the Brigade with Colonel Dayton who is at that place.

The Command for Wyoming marches to day. I have the honor to be Your Exellency’s Most Obdt servt

I. Shreve Col. Comdt

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Morristown Jany 6th 1781.

Dr Sir

I received yours inclosing General Wayne’s to you, yesterday morning. It was undoubtedly bad policy to send the Jersey troops from their encampment, unless with an evident design against the enemy. The cause of the Pennsylvanians is, I fear too much considered as a just and common cause. The situation of the battalion I have the command of is delicate, and I have the greatest reason to be apprehensive of consequences. Some men of the 1st regiment have been trying to foment an insurrection they as yet have been altogether unsuccessful in the 2d and 3d. The other officers and myself were up almost all last night expecting an attempt, but I now enjoy the happiness to think that the party was small originally and could procure very few adherents. In order to create a diversion from this unhappy affair, I have been advised and indeed it was my own opinion, to march the battalion to Chatham. Their attention will more likely be fixed on the enemy. I march to day and will quarter there this night. I think you had best avoid Morristown unless you are bound by orders. Nothing from Gen: Wayne on the insurgents. I am, Sir, yours &c.

F. Barber Lieut. Colo.

Since closing my letter I am informed that the Pennsylvanians are stopped & are to come to terms.


c.8 January 1781

A List of the men of Col. Spencer’s Regiment belonging to the Jersey Line, and where they Are,

No. Names Where
Serjt Elisha Stout Join’d the Jersey Brigade
do Mapps Do
do Barnet Moony Do
do Josiah Hunt Do
Corpl Johnston Do
Dm. Joseph Squire Do
Saml Morgan Do
John Donaldson Do
James Donaldson Do
Norris Clark Do
Thos Price Do
Danl Britton Do
Geo. Mount Do
George Davis Do
Hugh McConnel Do
Gilbert [Grohclass] Do
Henry Snyder Do
Joseph Crawfoot Do
Mathew Peirson Do
James Holladay Do
John White Do
Daniel Lewis Do
Henry Blarecom Do
Abm Cole Do
John Quick Do
Andw Patterson Do
Saml Newey Do
David Young Do
John Weatherhawk Do
Elijah Tice Do
31 Peter Stephens Do
Benjn Applegate Waiter on Lt Tallman, Stony Point
Andrew Johnston Do Lt Micker Do
Lewis Johnston Do Cl. Weatherby Do
Benoni [Peis] Do Col. Spencer, Mendham
Lewis Millsom Do Do Do
John Bolton Do Major Burrowes Monmouth
Mathew Smith Do Do Do
John Leighton Do Lt Stagg A.A.G. New Windsor
Barnardes Gorden Do Major Barber Wallkill
Saml Pierson Do Lt Pemberton Mendham
Anthony Parsile Do Doctr Dawsey Stony Point
12 Aaron Stiles Do Captn Sandford Do
Joseph McPherson On Commd at Fish Kill after Cattle
Phillip Cockran Sapper & Minor West Point
John Devins On Comd at Fish Kill after Cattle
Serjt Johnston Butcher at the Continental Village
Corpl Albert Vookes Shoemaking at Stoney Point
Isaac Loopes Left at Stoney Point
7 Wm Gorden Tayloring at Stoney Point
Hendrick Johnston Sick Absent. Pensa. Hutts
John Fisher Do Do
Amos Day Do Do
Henry Williams Do Do
Benjn Wood Do Do
James Thompson Do Do
Henry Swiney Do Do
Joseph Hedges Do Morris Town
Seth Jewell Do Newark Mountains
David Pierson Do Elizh Town
11 John Tyson Do Do Since 1777
Pierson Green On Forlough expired some time
Aaron Brink Do Wounded, at home in Sussex
Cornelius Ball Do Lyons Farms, expired four Months
Phillip Moss On Forlough at Warrack a Long time
Isaac Bristed Do Wounded, at his home Sussex
Henry Dow Do Do Do since Monmouth Battle
7 Samuel Deckey Do Do Do lost his Arm Germantown Battle
Corpl Jno. Lane Not Accounted for
2 Jno. Goldsworthy in Monmouth Goal
Micheal Meeker Deserted on his way hither from Stoney Point
2 David Scudder Do Do Do

Serjts Corpls Dm Privts
Joind Jersey Brigade 4 1 1 25
Waiters, Absent " " " 12
On Commd. Military & Extra 1 1 " 5
Sick absent " " " 11
on Forlough " " " 7
Not Accounted for & in Goal " 1 " 1
Deserted since they left Stoney Point " " 2
Total 5 3 1 63

Israel Shreve Col. Comdt

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