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To George Washington from Abraham Skinner, 5 January 1781

New Windsor January 5th 1781


Since my last Letter to your Excellency in which I informed you of the several Officers Exchanged for those of the Enemy in our hands, I have been able to collect a number more, of whom I had no return, and have enter’d into their exchange for an equal number of our next oldest in Captivity as you will observe by The enclosd List No. 10.

Most of the Officers whose exchanges are ratified, have come out, and agreable to the directions of the Board of War, I have become answerable for the payment of their Board upon Long Island to their respective landlords. The Colonels and other Officers remaining Prisoners on Long Island and unexchanged are exceedingly distressed and much in want of many of the necessarys of life, particularly the article of firewood, which their Landlords will not furnish without money, and the Officers have it Not, in consequence of this I promised Colonel Marbury to represent the matter to your Excellency, and to send them a quantity (which is now ready) provided it meets with your approbation.

I enclose a list of several Persons prisoners to the Enemy, whom they claim as holding military rank and to which I have always objected—those persons together with a number of Citizens who are upon Parole on Long Island, and who were taken from their different places of abode are in a very peculiar situation; they receive no public supplies, and I could wish to have your command with respect to them, particularly Captain Willing who was serving as a Captain in the Service of the States when taken, and whom the Enemy have frequently treated in the most cruel manner, refusing to Exchange him unless for the Ratio of a Colonel. I have the honor to be with the greatest respect Your Excellency’s Mo. Obed. Hum. Servt

Abm Skinner

Comy Genl Pris.

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New York Novr 3d 1780

List of American Officers remaining on Long Island (on Parole) & Elswhere, after the Exchanges of the 25th & 26th Octr 1780 and Admitting the proposed Exchanges to be carried into effect.

Corps Rank Names
Pena Mila Brigr General Irvine
Germa. Battn Colonel Nichs Haussegar
9th Virga George Mathews
11th Maryld Luke Martling
Cumberld Mila David Potter
New York do Wm Allison
Chesr do John Hannam
2d Connectt John Ely
3d Dragoons Geo. Baylor
6 Penna Lieutt Arnold Grace
Jersey Mila Henry Jeans
Proctor’s Arty James Smith
do Willm Martin
[1] Penna John Stotesbury
Jersey Mila Abm Parsons
Ditto John Chatham
New Jersey Contl Bateman Lloyd
Taylors Mila Saml Mc Farlin
Jersey Contl John Hutchins
do Abm Stout
Mass. do Robt Walker
Pena Mila Asher Carter
Moldiers Arty Lieutt John Amriss
Delaware Contl John Hyatt
Penna Mila John Kerr
Delaware do Silas Snow
Colo. Gests James Lymms
Jersey Mila Aaron Chew
Colo. Gests Joseph Briton
4th Virga Wm Rogers
3d Dragoons Robt Randolph
Meigs Contl Asa Lay
5 Massa. Mason Wattles
2 N. Carola Nathl Lawrence
do Richd Andrews
do James Keeler
do Nathl Reynolds
Jersey Mila John Craig
Moylands Dragoons Erasmus Gile
West Chesr Mila Jacob Van Tassell
10th Massa William Burly
3d do John Maynard
Penna Contl Giles Hicks
6th Penna James Glentworth
7th do Saml Bryson
2d Jersey Benajah Ormir
Aldens Contl Jonn Maynerd

The aforegoing List Contains the Officers left unexchanged in the hands of the British whose Ranks is indisputable—admitting the proposal to take place

Abm Skinner

Commissary General prisoners



New York Decr 10th 1780

Copy of a List of Exchange of American and British Officers made between Abm Skinner Esquire American Commissary General of Prisoners and Joshua Loring Esqr. British Commissary General of Prisoners at New York the 10th day Decemr 1780

Corps Rank and Names Corps Rank and Names
Brunswic Capt. Dommes for Cong. Regt Capt. McConnel
Lt Richrodt Webbs Lt John Riley
No. Carola Norman McLeod 6th penna Arnold Grace
Nova Scota Volunteers Cunningham Jersey Mila Henry Jeans
27th Ensign Parks N. York Con. Ens. Swartwout
Brunswick Doctr Verbrodt Webbs Adjt Elisha Hopkins
—Mate Dukel
Gross Pens. Mila Ens. Wm Dempsey
Agreed to
Abm Skinner
Commissary Genl Prisoners
Josa Loring
Brit: Commissary General Prisoners


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