George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Henry Knox, 5 January 1781

Park of Artillery 5 January 1781

Ordnance and Military Stores necessary for the campaign of 1781

Muskets of the latest and most approved construction in Europe, complete with iron ramrods, bayonets, scabbards and belts 25000.
Gun worms, brushes and wires, and screw drivers—of each species 30000 
Cartridge boxes it is presumed may be easily made in America.
Flints of the best kind 250000 
Swords for the non commissioned of the artillery and infantry, short cut and thrust good blades, with black belts
  steel mounted 1800 
yellow do 200 
Ditto for the officers, of a superior sort, with decent belts
steel mounted 1800 
yellow do 200 
Dragoon Swords, of a good quality,
steel mounted 1000 
Ditto—for Officers  do 200 
Pistols for light dragoons—pairs 1000 
Ditto for Officers—of a better sort—pairs 200 
Blue Silk for regimental colors yard wide } Yds 600 
Lead pounds 600000 
 For the musket or infantry service—barrells of 100 pounds each 1500 
 For the service of the artillery—barrells 4500 
Flannel for the cartridges of the field artillery yards 2000 

Artillery proper for a siege.

6 13 inch mortars } These may be brass or iron, tab there being but little difference in the weight of battering cannon of these calibres. If iron the metal ought to be excellent.
30  24 pounders
20 18 do
20 Brass Howitzers 8 inch. }

The above calibres supposed to be English measure.

The carriages made in America are equal to any imported, but it will take much time to make them. The cost of the carriages in Europe, exclusive of the freight, will be as much as the cost of iron cannon and mortars. If the cannon are to be used the ensuing campaign they ought to be mounted on travelling carriages, if not, a great expence will be saved by not importing the carriages. It would be unnecessary to import garrison carriages or implements. It would be equally unnecessary to import shot or shells, as they are made in America to great perfection.

H. Knox

Brigr Genl Artillery

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