George Washington Papers

From George Washington to The States, 10 December 1780

Head Quarters New Windsor 10th Decemr 1780


You (or Your Excellency as the stile may be) will, I presume, have received before this reaches you an Act of Congress of the 4th of last Month calling on the several States for specific quantities of Fresh and Salt provision—Flour, Salt, and Rum for the Army and directing all of the above Articles, except the Fresh meat, to be collected and deposited at such places in each of the States, as should be judged most convenient by me—This communication I should have done myself the honor of making somewhat earlier, had not the greater part of my time, since the receipt of the Act, been taking up in arranging and visiting the Hospitals and Winter Cantonments of the Army.

Upon considering the point with respect to the supplies required of your State, I beg leave to inform you (or your Excellency) that it appears to me they should be deposited at the following places and proportions. (Vide the inclosed papers fixing the places of deposit and proportions and insert them accordingly).

The Commy General, as he is directed will inform you from time to time of the Quantities of live Cattle which will be necessary and where they are to be delivered. I have the honor to be &c.

To the States of

New Hampshire


Rhode Island


New York

New Jersey




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Places of deposit for the Specific Articles demanded of the States by the Resolve of Congress of the 4th November 1780.

New Hampshire   1st 2d 3d deposits of Rum to be at Charles Town No. 4. The last deposit to remain at Portsmouth for further Orders.
The Salt Meat to be deposited at Portsmouth and Charlestown No. 4—in the following proportions—all on the East side of Merimack River to be carried to Portsmouth—and all on the West side to Charles town No. 4.
Massachusetts. To deposit their Salt provision and Salt at Springfield and Great Barrington in equal proportions, except the last delivery of Salt which may wait the Commissary’s order at Boston.
The 1st 2d and 3d delivery of Rum, two thirds at Great Barrington—one third at Springfield—The last delivery of this Article to remain at Boston for further orders.
Rhode Island. The whole to be delivered at Providence except the Fresh Meat.
Connecticut. The Salt provisions and Salt to be delivered at or near Bulls Iron Works and Hanford in equal proportions.
The 1st 2d and 3d deliveries of Rum at or near Bulls Iron Works. The last at Hanford.
New York. 700 Barrels of Flour } Fort Schuyler.
350 do Beef or Pork
The remainder of the Salt Meat and Flour at West Point, Fishkill, New Windsor and Albany.
New Jersey. The whole of the Salt, Salt Meat and Flour at Morris Town, Pitts Town, Sussex Court House and Ringwood, as may suit the State, as to the quantities at each.
Pennsylvania.   Fort Pitt 2400 Bbls Flour
1000 bbls Salt Meat or salt equivalent to put up that quantity upon the spot
7000 Gallons Spirits.
Carlisle 800 Bbls Flour
3000 Gallons Spirits
250 Bbls Salt Meat or salt equivalent to put up that quantity on the Spot
Wyoming 200 Bbls Flour
1000 Gallons Spirits.
100 Bushels Salt
Lancaster 1000 Bbls Flour
3000 Gallons Spirits
500 Bushels Salt
Easton 10,000 Bbls Flour
Philada All the remainder of Salt, salt Meat, Flour and Rum
Delaware.   The whole of the Salt, Salt Meat, Flour and Rum at Christiana Bridge.
Maryland 1/3 of Salt, Salt Meat, Flour and Rum at the Head of Elk—The remaining 2/3ds which are intended for the Southern Army at Baltimore and George Town in such proportions as may suit the State.
North Carolina.
Genl Greene or Commanding Officer in Southern department to fix the places of deposit.

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