George Washington Papers

General Orders, 26 November 1780

Head Quarters Totowa Sunday November 26th 1780


For the day Tomorrow

Brigadier General Huntington

Colonel Chambers

Lieutenant Colonel Newall

Major T. Ll: Moore

Brigade Major Ashley

The Army will march tomorrow morning—The General will beat at nine—The Assemblé at half past nine and the march will commence precisely at ten. The Quarter Master General will furnish the route and order of march.

The Troops are to draw and carry three days bread or flour as there are not Waggons for the Purpose.

The light corps is dissolved. The several companies will return to their respective regiments.

The General presents his thanks to the Marquis de la Fayette and to the officers and men under his command for the excellent order and soldierly disposition which have been conspicuous in the corps. He regrets that opportunities did not offer to avail himself of that Zeal and Ardor which in this Corps and in the Army at large afforded the strongest assurance of Success—Nor can he forbear remarking that this Campaign as well as the former has exhibited proofs of the Patience and Patriotism of the Troops in cheerfully supporting those wants and distresses which the peculiar situation of our country has at different times rendered inevitable.

The Light Companies of the New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York regiments sending off their baggage with that of the Massachusetts and Connecticutt companies will march themselves by a route which will be given them by the Marquis de la Fayette.

The Light companies of the Jersey line will take charge of the boats at Dobbs’s, and receive orders at Head Quarters.

Major Parr’s corps of rifle men will move with the Pennsylvania division, but will remain a seperate corps and will be attentive to keeping their Rifles in good order.

After Orders.

The Van Guard will parade on the left of the 4th Massachusett’s Brigade at nine ô clock tomorrow morning precisely.

The Rear Guard to be formed on the Grand Parade at ten.

Brigadier General Huntington with Lieutenant Colonel Newall to command the former and Colonel Nixon with Lieutenant Colonel Littlefield the latter.

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