George Washington Papers

General Orders, 15 November 1780

Head Quarters Totowa Wednesday Novemr 15th 1780

Parole Presburg
Countersigns Paris
Watchword Hark Perth

For the Day Tomorrow

Brigadier General Glover

Colonel Bradford

Lieutenant Colonel Robinson

Major Hamilton

Brigade Major Van Laer

As nothing adds more to the beauty and appearance of a Corps than exact uniformity of dress; The General recommends it thus early to the Field officers newly arranged to fix upon a fashion for the regimental clothing of the officers of their respective corps (if it is not already done) confining themselves to the ground facings linings and buttons already assigned to the states to which they belong: The General sees with concern the difficulties which the officers labor under in procuring clothes; it is not therefore his wish that those who are already furnished should run themselves to the expence of new uniforms if their old are not exactly conformable but that they should in future comply strictly with the regimental fashion, and if possible get their old clothes altered to it—It has a very odd appearance especially to Foreigners to see the same corps of officers each differing from the other in fashion of the facings sleeves and pockets of their coats—An attention to these minutiae has been thought proper in all services it becomes peculiarly so in ours at this time as we shall more than probable take the field next Campaign in conjunction with our Allies composed of the first Troops in Europe, who will receive impressions and form opinions from the first view.

This again induces the General to exhort all officers who continue in service to make themselves perfectly masters of everything contained in the rules and regulatons of the Army that there may be a strict uniformity in our manoeuvres and discipline especially in honors paid to officers according to their several ranks a thing scrupulously attended to and expected in foreign service.

Strict attention is to be paid to the order of the 18th of June last distinguishing the rank of Officers by their Badges.

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