George Washington Papers

General Orders, 3 November 1780

Head Quarters Totowa Friday November 3d 1780

Parole Totowa
Countersigns Upton, West.
Watchword Watch

For the Day Tomorrow

Brigadier General Glover

Colonel Butler

Lieutenant Colonel Hay

Major Talbot

Brigade Major Oliver

Lieutenant Enos Reeves of the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment is appointed Quarter Master of the same vice Lieutenant Joseph Banks from the 1st Instant.

In the publication of the Extracts of the Resolves of Congress of the 3d and 21st of October there was an omission of part of that of the 3d declaring that the retiring officers should be entitled to land at the close of the war agreeable to the resolution of the 16th of September 1776, though the Resolution of the 21st is silent on this Article, the General has no doubt that it remains in force.

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