George Washington Papers

General Orders, 1 November 1780

Head Quarters Totowa Wednesday Novr 1st 1780

Parole Rockaway
Countersigns Rome Radnor
Watchword Remember

For the day Tomorrow

Brigadier General Huntington

Colonel Vose

Lieutenant Colonel Hait

Major Wallbridge

Brigade Major Smith

The Commander in Chief has the Happiness to inform the Army that the Honorable the Congress have been pleased by their Acts of the 3d and 21st of October to pass the following Resolutions He is entirely persuaded that the liberal provision now made will give universal satisfaction and while it evinces the justice and generosity of Congress will prove a new motive to the Zeal and Exertions of the Officers.

That such of the sixteen additional regiments as have not been annexed to the line of some particular State and all the seperate light Corps of the army both of Horse and foot (Colonel Hazen’s regiment, Colonel Armands and Major Lee’s corps excepted) and also the German battalion be reduced on the 1st day of January next, that the noncommission officers and Privates in these several corps be incorporated with the Troops of their respective States and that such of them as do not belong to any particular State, be annexed to such corps as the Commander in Chief shall direct.

That the regular Army of the United States from and after the 1st day of January next consist of four regiments of mounted and dismounted dragoons or legionary corps—four regiments of Artillery—Forty nine regiments of Infantry exclusive of Colonel Hazen’s regiment—Colonel Armand’s partizan Corps Major Lee’s ditto—one regiment of Artificers.

That each regiment or Legionary corps consist of four troops of mounted dragoons and two of dismounted dragoons—each consisting of sixty privates with the same number of commission’d and non commission’d officers as at present.

That the partizan corp, commanded by Colonel Armand and Major Lee shall consist of three troops of mounted and three of dismounted dragoons of fifty each to be officer’d by the Commander in Chief by the Approbation of Congress and that the Commander in Chief be authorized to direct a mode for completing, recruiting and supplying the said Corps.

That each regiment of Artillery consist of Ten companies, and that each company consist of Sixty five non commissioned officers and Matrosses with the same number of Commission’d officers as at present.

That each regiment of Infantry requested from the several States shall consist of

1 Colonel

1 Lieutenant Colonel, and

1 Major, where the full Colonels are continued or

1 Lieutenant Colonel commandant, and

2 Majors, where the full Colonels are not continued

9 Captains

22 Subalterns

1 Surgeon

1 Surgeons Mate

1 Serjeant Major

1 Quarter master serjeant

45 Serjeants

1 Drum Major

1 Fife Major

10 Drums

10 Fifes

612 Rank and File

That there be one Captain and two Subalterns to each company and that the four supernumerary Subalterns shall each have the rank of Lieutenant one of which is to reside in the State to which he belongs to inlist and forward recruits one drum and fife to attend the recruiting officer—the other three supernumerary officers to do the duty of Pay master Quarter master and adjutant in their respective regiments.

And that the regiment of Artificers consist of eight companies and each company of Sixty noncommission’d officers and privates.

That the whole of the Troops be inlisted during the War and join their respective corps by the 1st day of January next.

That the several States furnish the following Quotas vizt

New Hampshire 2 Regiments of infantry
Massachusetts bay 10 regiments of infantry, and
1 of artillery
Rhode Island 1 regiment of infantry
Connecticut 5 regiments of infantry and
1 of Cavalry
New York 2 regiments of infantry and
1 of artillery
New Jersey 2 regiments of Infantry
Pennsylvania 6 regiments of infantry
1 of artillery
1 of cavalry and
1 of artificers
Delaware 1 regiment of infantry
Maryland 5 regiments of infantry
Virginia 8 regiments of infantry
1 of artillery
2 of Cavalry
North Carolina 4 regiments of infantry
South Carolina 2 regiments of infantry
Georgia 1 regiment of infantry

That the regiments of Cavalry and Artillery and of Artificers as they now stand be considered as belonging to the States respectively to which they are or may be assigned which State shall complete them to the full complement supply them with necessaries and in every respect treat them as if originally raised therein, and that such other States as now have noncommissioned officers or privates in any of the regiments aforesaid be credited in their quota’s for such men according to their numbers from time to time; For which purpose the Commander in Chief is hereby directed to specify such noncommissioned officers and Privates, and the States to which they formerly belonged in the Returns which He shall make to the States and in his Annual Return to Congress.

That the regiment commanded by Colonel Moses Hazen be continued on its present Establishment and that all noncommission’d officers and privates being foreigners belonging to any of the reduced regiments and Corps be incorporated therewith and all Volunteers from foreign States who are now in the service or may hereafter join the American Army be annexed to the said regiment.

That the Commander in Chief, and commanding officer in the southern department direct the officers of each state to meet and agree upon the officers, for the regiments to be raised by their respective States, from those who incline to continue in service; and where it cannot be done by agreement to be determined by seniority—and make return of those who are to remain, which is to be transmitted to Congress together with the Names of the Officers reduced—who are to be allowed Half-Pay for Life.

That the officers who shall continue in service to the end of the War shall be entitled to Half pay during life to commence from the time of their reduction.

That the officers at Camp be empowered and directed to use every prudent measure and improve every favorable opportunity to inlist for the continuance of the War such of the men belonging to their respective states as are not engaged for that period.

That two Dollars be granted to the recruiting officer for every able bodied soldier he shall inlist for the War, who shall join the Army, and that a sum not exceeding fifty dollars be allowed to every such recruit.

That the clothing be furnished and regularly served out to the troops as it becomes due; and that a full compensation be made for any arrearages of clothing.

The General directs that the officers of the several lines will meet accordingly and agree upon an Arrangement as speedily as may be, of the officers who remain in Service and of those who retire, reporting the same to Head Quarters. It is of course to be understood that none can retire with the benefit of the Provision here made except such a number as exceeds that which is required in the Establishment of the Regiments.

The General officers of the respective Lines will be pleased to assist in these arrangements.

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