George Washington Papers

Washington’s Memorandum, October 1780

c.October 1780


If the Enemy should make a movement towards this Army by the way of New–Ark—or Elizabeth Town—The pass at Crane’s gap should be immediately possessed and a look out had at the other passes more to the right—at the sametime, the right Wing should cross the River and extend towards the Notch of the Mountain while the Army—except such part as may be necessary to secure the gorge of the Mountain by Totowa Church—should incline that way. If timely notice is had of the Enemys landing—or intention of Landing at either of the above places, the light Corps of the Army may be advanced to the right instead of the Right Wing.

If the enemy come by the way of the No. River—the present disposition of the with a Reinforcement sent to the Notch is as good as can be till the point of attack can be discovered.

Removal of Baggage

If the enemy advance by the Rout first mentioned above—The Baggage is to be sent to Pompton—That of the Right Wing is to take the Rout by Colo. Deys—the two bridges—Dodds—& through Pompton plains—That of the left Wing & light Corps by Vanhoutes—Geo: Decemes—Marcellus’—and Ogdens Iron Works—The Parke of Artillery. The Baggage of the Commander in Chief—and General Staff—is to pass Colo. Deys & proceed by Nicholas Jones and David Browns to Pompton.

If the enemy should advance by the way of the No. River—The Baggage in that case is to move to Ramapaugh bridge by Jennings’ Tavern—The Right Wing—Parke of Artillery—and Genl Staff to proceed to the two Bridges by Colo. Deys—The left wing to the same place by Vanhoutes & Ryersons—Thence over horse Neck-bridge—& the whole to ascend the hill above Ramapaugh bridge. The Baggage of the sevl Corps of horse to go with the Baggage of the parts of the Army they are ordered to join.

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