George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Thomas Hill, 29 October 1780

Rutland Ocr 29. 1780

With the greatest respect, I beg leave to lay my situation before your Excellency, hoping when you consider the particulars you will be pleased to grant my request, to go on parole in the first Cartel to halifax, from whence I shall be able to proceed to Quebeck, your Excellency will be better able to jude of my present Emberassment when you consider the inclos’d Memorial to Lord Amherst—I fancy your Excellency will on considering it, find that the like has never been known to happen since the memory of man, for an Officer, Commission to be sold without his leave, as a soldier labouring under a state of suspense and considering myself Ill us’d, wishing for the opportunity to convince not only my brother Officers & friends of the propriety of my own conduct, but the Satisfaction it give my relations when assur’d of the justness of my behavour is the only appology I can make your Excellency for this presumtion if I succeed in my request, am willing to sign my parole your Excellency may think proper to the satisfaction of all concerned—I am with the greatest Respect your Excellencys Most Obt Servt

Thos Hill Prisoner

I beg leave to observe to Your Excellency that I have bills to the amount of my Commission, which I can make no use of till I arrive at Canda.

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October 1779

To the Rt Honbl. Lord Amherst Knight of the Bath and Commander in Chief of his Majesty’s Land forces—The Memorial of Lieut. Thos Hill of the 29 Regt of foot—Sheweth.

That your Memorialist in July 1772 purchas’d an Ensigncy, & in Novr 1774 Lieutenantcy in his Majestys 29 Regt of foot—That in July 1778 serving in the sd Regt then under the Command of Major Carleton at Montreal in Canada, your Memorialist for the reasons & agreeable to the conditions express’d in the Majors letter to Mr Bishop then agent to the 29 Regt a Coppy of wch is hereto annexed obtaind leave to come to England that your Memorialist conformable to directions as he passed Through Quebeck where Lt Colo. Carleton then was left a Resignation of his Commission as Security in case of your Memorialist non complyance with the terms prescribed, that after his arrival in London Sepr 1778, your Memorialist by the assistance of his friends, lodged the requisite sum in the agents hands, that on the 6 of April 1779 he embarked on board the three brothers transport, for Canada with recruits for the twenty ninth Regt under his Command, that when he reached Quebeck he found & it appears by the Regimental Returns, that Ensign Blankley of the 31 Regt and at that time in England, had been appointed in the Novr succeeding your Memorialist departure from Canada, [Let] in the 29 his Room—that the appointment had been made subject to the option of Ensign Blankley if he wou’d except of the said Lieutenatcy, that your Memoralist finding himself thus pecularly Circumstanced in Canada without Rank or pay, returnd to England to solicit your Lordship protection & direction, that he now learns that Ensign Blankly has not excepted the Commission in the 29 Regt but has been promoted to a Lieutenantcy in the 31 Regt of foot.

Extract of Major Carletons letter to Mr Bishop dated Montreal, 19 of July 1778.

Lieut. Hill having Colo. Carletons leave to go home to settle his affairs I enclose a list of his several debts the amount of which the you’ll be so good as to stop out of the money he will recieve for his Lieutenantcy and Capt. Monsell, will draw upon you for it so soon as you have inform’d of it. If Mr Hills friends will pay the money for him into your hands he will not Sell out, you will be so good as to give Capt. Monsell the earliest intelligence that [Cretns] may receive their money as soon as possible.

Mr Bishop informd Capt. Monsell the pay Master that Mr Hill’s debts were paid, by letter, 16 of March 79 wch letter was received by Capt. Monsell.

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