George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Jacob Bayley, 28 October 1780

Newbury 28th October 1780


I thought it my Duty to Inform your Excellency of the Ravages made and intended to be made in this Quarter by the Enemy, the last of September I had Accounts from Canada of the Preparation at Saint Johns which I immediately sent forward to your Excellency the Express was left at West Point I had a Return from Genl Greene about the Eighth of October Two Men we sent to Onion River was taken or Killed, two days after Two others Discovered the Enemy advancing but our Commander took no Notice of it for three days, when the People were so Urgent he sent five Men who were lost in the Woods—and gave no Intelligence, but as I could not be satisfied with their Ability, I sent Three of the Inhabitants who Returned and gave Intelligence that the Enemy were advancing in a large Body towards this Place and another smaller Party, towards this River forty miles below, the former had passed about one day, the latter about Two before I could give the Alarm, Royalton was laid in Ashes the 16th—Consisting of about Thirty Families 27 taken Prisoners, Four Killed, the Women and Children unhurt, the Town lay about Thirty Miles South West from hence 12 Miles from the Colledge, the Malitia turned out with the greatest Alertness overtook the Party and recovered all the Baggage but no more; the Main Body lay Six days about 25 Miles from this Place but as the Malitia came in so fast they returned without attempting any thing against this Place, but they are not returned to Canada but are waiting for a more favourable Opportunity, but as about one third of the People here keep their Arms in their Hands and they are now at Arms length, we mean to keep them so, as this Place is of great Importance, Every Nerve of the Friends of America will be Exerted for its Defence, and I hope in God to Accomplish it. I am your Excellencys Most Humble Servant

Jacob Bayley

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16 October 1780

A Return of Prisoners taken, by the Enemy, on White River, on the 16th of October, 1780, and carried to Canada.

From Sharon.

George Avery

Nathaniel Gilbert

From Royalton

John Kent

Garner Rix

Adin Durkee

Cotten Evans

David Waller

Joseph Haven

Elias Curtis

— Brown

Edward Kneeland

John Hutchinson

Abijah Hutchinson

Daniel Downer

Daniel Downer, junr

From Middlesex.

Experience Davis

Timothy Miles

John Parks

Moses Persons

Zudock Steel

Late from Windsor Goshen, in the State of Connecticut.

Samuel Pember

Simon Belnap

Late from Salisbury, in the State of Connecticut.

Peter Mason

— Welden

(Signed,) Test. Jo. Parkhurst, Captain

of the Militia, of the Town

of Royalton

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