George Washington Papers

From George Washington to Thomas Sim Lee, 23 October 1780

Head Quarters Preakness 23d October 1780


Major General Greene, who goes to take command of the Southern Army, will have the honor of presenting this to your Excellency—I have advised him to take the several States in his way, which are immediately concerned in furnishing Men and supplies for the department committed to his direction, that he may gain a more accurate knowledge of the forwardness they are in—a tolerable idea of what may be his future expectations, and endeavour to settle some plans for the regular support and subsistence of the Army in provisions—Forage and transportation.

I am well aware of the embarrassments under which the Southern States labor, and of the many difficulties which are to be surmounted. But I have a very full dependance that the most vigorous exertions will be made by them upon the present occasion, and the intire confidence I have in the abilities, fortitude and integrity of General Greene, founded on a long and intimate experience of them, assures me that he will do every thing [his] means will enable him to do; and I doubt not, candid allowances will be made for the peculiar difficulties he has to encounter.

I recommend him to your State [as] worthy of its utmost confidence and support, [and] to your Excellency, personally, as one whom I [rank] among the number of my Friends. With the greatest Respect and Esteem I have the honor to be Your Excellency’s Most obt and humble Servt

Go: Washington.

MdAA: Brown Book, Vol. I.

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