George Washington Papers

From George Washington to Spies, 10 September 1780

c.10 September 1780

As late accts as can possibly be obtained, & brought to this place by Sunday Noon, the 17th Instt—Septemr.

Of the precise situation of the enemy on York Island—Long Island—and Staten Island—naming the Corps on each—and where Posted.

Know where General Clinton’s head Qrs are. And Where General Knyphausen’s.

Learn whether the enemy are throwing up any other Works on Long Island besides those at Brooklyn—At what places—and of what kind—whether open or inclosed—large or Small—and for what purposes they seem intended.

A Description at least of Brooklyn Fort should be had—and the size of it—if a plan can be had.

The State of the Garrison respecting provision.

When the Cork fleet is expected and what other Vessels arrive.

A Particular acct to be obtained of the Embarkation that is talked—Know when it will take place—where destined—& what Corps it will consist of.

Attend particularly to any Movements of the enemy.

Enquire what their latest Accts from the Southward are & of what Nature.

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