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To George Washington from William Grayson, 14 August 1780

War Office Augt 14. 1780


The Board do themselves the Honor to inclose you some papers relative to the annexing Porters, Jones, Lees and the Company late Corens to the regiment of Col. Procter. The Board would be glad Your Excellency would be pleased to arrange them in such manner as you think proper, under the powers delegated to you by Congress. If however you should think proper to decline it from any reasons which the Board are unacquainted with, they will be obliged to you for your Ideas on the Subject to enable them to report to Congress.

The Board beg leave to inform you that they have furnished the Delaware Regiment of new levies, with Arms and Accoutrements at this place—As they understand they are inlisted for a short Period they beg leave to submit to your Excellency the propriety of calling upon them for those Arms and Accoutrements before they leave Camp on their Return.

Your Excellency will be pleased to return the Papers when you have no longer Occasion for them. I have the honor to be with the highest respect Yr Most Obedt Servt

Willm Grayson.

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Morris Town 22d January 1780

Dear Sir

I enclose the return of Colonel Procters battalion, Captain Lees & Porters Companies, at present in Colonel Lambs battalion, Capt. Jones Company, at present at Easton, and Captain Corens Company, all of which were rais’d in the state of Pennsylvania.

I also enclose the sentiments of Colo. Procters officers with respect to two of the Companies being added to that battalion, which, would operate with the same propriety against Corens, and Jones Company being annexed to it.

I shall soon do myself the honor of writing more fully to your Excellency on the subject, and I wish you would be pleased to consult Colonel Procter who is in Philadelphia on it. I am Dear Sir with great respect your most Hble Sert

H. Knox


In Council Philadelphia August 7th 1780


I have the honor to inclose you the proceedings of the Council, on the case of sundry artificers, lately sent by the Honble Congress to this Board—and am With the greatest respect and regard Your Excellencys most obedient and very humble servant

Jos: Reed


In Council Philadelphia August 2nd 1780

The Committee to whom was referred the Case of Thomas Jones and others belonging to Captain Corens Company of Artificers as laid before the Honorable Congress by petition and sent by them with sundry other papers to this Board now made their Report, from which, and a letter of Colonel Nichola’s thereupon, this Board have formed the following state vizt.

That these Men were inlisted into a Company of Artillery Artificers under the Command of Captain Coren on the usual terms of serving for three years or during the War. That the term of three years being expired, their service they contend ought to end. That this company has been employed, and have been since their enlistment in the Continental Labaratory preparing ammunition &ca in which they are very expert and usefull That they are in a very destitute condition for want of cloathes and others necessaries owing, as Colonel Nichola represents, to a punctilio of their Captain who wh[   ]not acknowledge any subordination to Colonel Flower under whose general superintendance as Commissary of Military stores other artificers were, and received supplies from the United States, he contending that this was an independant Company of Artillery subject only to the orders of General Knox. That under these circumstances if the Construction of the terms of enlistment for three years or during the War is to give the soldier the election—these Men or some of them are now entitled to their discharge—but if the election is in the Publick they are still bound—but this is a point to the decision of which the Board does not esteem itself competent. That by referring to the votes of the Assembly, an act passed the [  ] day of [  ] last it appears that it was the desire of the House that this Company with the others vizt Proctors Lee, and Jones which had been raised in this state as independent Companies but are now very much reduced, and most of the Officers resigned should be incorporated into the Regiment of Artillery belonging to the state. That the President of this state conferred thereupon with General Knox last Winter who approved the incorporation as highly beneficial and proposed as soon as these companies were thus incorporated to send draughts from the Artillery into the Laboratory to make up ammunition by which means that knowledge now confined to a few would be more extensive. That application was made to the Board of War thereupon but nothing has been since done. Colonel Lamb to whose Regiment of Artillery two of these Companies had been temporarily annexed not being willing to part with them and the Officers of Proctors Regiment raising some difficulties about rank. That in this situation their Captain (who was lately cashier’d) refusing to draw for them as artificers under Colonel Flower, And the Act of Assembly of the state not entitling them to supplies untill their incorporation with the Regiment of Artillery belonging to the state the Men have fallen into deplorable distress.

That upon the whole this Council humbly beg leave to offer it as their opinion to Congress.

First That it be settled in such manner as Congress shall think best what is the true and proper construction of the terms of their enlistment.

Secondly That as to such of them as shall be deemed to continue in service they be incorporated agreeable to the Act of Assembly, and the opinion of General Washington, and General Knox, in Proctors regiment which is much weaker than Colonel Lambs, disputes of rank, if any to be settled by a Board of Officers in the usual way. That this Board will then be enabled to relieve their distress and continue them in service in such a way as to be useful to the Publick and comfortable to themselves. Extract from the Minutes

James Trimble

for Ty Matlack secry


Ordnance Office Augt 14 1780

A return of Military Stores furnished the 2d Delaware Regiment out of Continental Store in Philadelphia

225 Musket and Bayonets
225 Cartouch Boxes
225 Bayonet Belts
6 pr of Drum Sticks
6 drums
6 drum Slings
6 fifes
225 Brushes and Wires
12 Screw Drivers

Joseph Carleton Secy

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