George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Obadiah Holmes, 6 August 1780

Freehold Augt 6th 1780

To His Excellency General Washington &c.

The Petition of Joshua Anderson an Inhabitant of the County of Monmouth, State of New Jersey in behalf of himself & Son, humbly shewith,

That your Petitioner & Son in equal Partnership with one of their neighbours were legally possessed of a very valuable blooded covering Horse three years old in June last for which they [were] or are to pay eleven thousand Pounds Contl Currency or the Exchange in Specie at one for sixty, that on the third Day of this Inst. a certain Mr Heard an officer in Majr Lee’s Core under the immediate Command of Capt. Rudolph came to the House of yr Petitioner when both he & his Son were absent & forceably took away sd Horse alledging to your Petitioners wife that he had your Excellency’s Orders for so doing—Your Petitioner & Son have since applied to Capt. Rudolph for the Horse and upon remonstrating against the Proceedings he Capt. Rudolph swore he would cut yr Petitioners Son’s Ears off if he said anything more about the Horse—It gives your Petitioner Pain to trouble your Excellency on such an Occasion, but your Petitioner humbly hopes your Excellency will excuse the Application when he considers his Petitioner as an aged Man with a Large Family that before the Enemy pass’d thro’ this County lived in easy Circumstances but at that Time by Reason of his Attachment to the Cause of his Country lost almost every Thing he had (Land excepted), which has reduced him to necissitous Circumstances.

Your Petitioner would beg Leave further to inform your Excellency that the only Plea they have for detaining the Horse is that the Person who owns one half of him is disaffected & there is Danger of his going to the Enemy how far the person owning one half the Horse in Partnership with yr Petitioner & Son has given Reason for such Suspicions your Petitioner cannot determine, Your Petitioner believes such a Report & Suspicion of his Design of going to the Enemy &c. never prevailed in the neighborhood until on this Occasion—but be that as it may the Law of the State has made Provision in such Cases for forfeited Property & your Petitioner would give ample Security that the publick meet with no Loss in Case the sd Person should forfeit his Property.

Your Petitioner begs Leave to give it as his Opinion that the Horse is by no Means fit for the publick Service being a full blooded Horse but three Years old Last June that has never been rode ten Miles from his Stable & that cost as much as would buy three or four abler Horses for Service than he is—Your Petitioner humbly hopes when your Excellency considers the Part that he & his Family have acted since the Commencement of this Contest (which is certifyed by a Number of the Officers & Reputable Inhabitants in the Neighborhood & annexed to this Petition) when your Excellency considers the necessities of a large Family, your Petitioners Age, & that his Son is so frequently out in the Militia as to render but little Service at Home & that your Petitioner stands bound for the Money & that if the other Partner in the Horse should go to the Enemy yr Petitioner must pay the Money. your Petitioner hopes these Circumstances considered together with the Horse’s being so young as to be unfit for Service & kept at such a Distance from the Enemies Lines as not to be in Danger of falling into their Hands all the Partners living some Miles west of Monmouth Courthouse that your Excellency will immediately issue Orders for the Horse to be returned to your Petitioner.


Obadiah Holmes

Samuel [Peuirs]

Lucas [Korhees]

Jo[seph] Browne

Charles Gilmore

[   ]Vanderbilt

Samll Forman

Garrett Wilkes

John Till

[   ] one of the Justices of the peace

John Van Der Vear

George Walker

Benjamin Cavenhoven

Nicholas Van Brunt

George Wilson

David Cooper

Benjamin Heaviland

Solomon Comb

Stephen Heaviland

James Hampton

John Campbell

John Craig

David Forman

We the Subscribers, Officers of the first Regt of Monmouth Militia being well acquainted with Mr Joshua Anderson & Family do hereby certify that he is a Man of reputable Character both as a Citizen as Inhabitant and as a Friend to his Country and that he and his Family have as far as we know & believe from the Beginning of the Contest espoused [   ] His Country & acted in an upright steady Manner therein—Witness our Hands

Asher Holmes Col.

David Gordon Capt.

John [   ]rock Lt. Coll

John Walton Capt.

Kick Harris Major

Joseph Stilwell Capt.

Jo[   ] Schanck Capt.

Samuel Carhart Capt.

[   ]weed Lieut

Jonathan Forman Co[   ]

Jonathan Classton Ensign

John Schenck Leuit.

Peter Vanderhaif Ensign

Wm Schenck Lieut.

Richard Hartsborne Qr Mr

[   ] Wills Majr

William Scoreman

Jonathan Forman

Samuel [   ]man Liut.

Michael [   ] Capt.

Benjamin [   ]Claire Capt.

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