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To George Washington from Jonathan Trumbull, Sr., 4 August 1780

Lebanon Augt 4th 1780


On the 11th ulto Majr Murnan applyed to Me and requested Assistance in carrying into Execution the Orders he recd from your Excellency in preparing Facines and Gabions and represented that he had expended a large Sum of his Money and was in want whereupon Orders were issued for the assembling a considerable Number of the Militia engaged for three Months Service on the Banks of Connecticut River furnished with necessary Tools for cutting Facines under the command of Lt Colo. Wyllys subject to the Directions of Majr Murnan who was likewise supplyed with one hundred and twenty Pounds Connecticut Currency under his then pressing Necessity for Money—The Militia assembled proceeded in the Business and made some Progress therein until Advice was recd of an Embarkation of the British Troops and of a Fleet at Huntington supposed to be destined to New Port or New London whereupon the Party was ordered to New London and will proceed to Rhode Island in case the Enemy should make an Attack there—It gives me Pain to be obliged to inform your Excellency that after so much Attention had been paid to Majr Murnan he should behave in such a Manner by quarreling with threatning and abusing some respectable Inhabitants and some of the Militia (a Specimen of which you will see by the inclosed) as to render himself obnoxious to both and in the Opinion of some of the Field Officers of the Party not likely to promote the Business he came upon and which they think the Party would now be able to perform without him if circumstances permit their Return.

I have the Honor of your Excellency’s Favour of the 27th ulto. Mr Olney is gone to Newport to receive and forward the cloathing to Providence—about fifteen Tons of Flour is going thither from Hartford the returning Teams will take the cloathing and some Arms in the eastward Part of this State. the Militia are our Defence and thier’s may not be taken from them—I am told that in the Laboratory in Springfield there are great Numbers of Arms that need but little done to them to render them fit for Service. The Winds have been adverse to the moving of the British Fleet from Huntingdon have received no Intelligence from them since last Firyday. I am with the highest Regard & Esteem your Excellency’s most Obedient hble Servant

Jonth; Trumbull

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c.4 August 1780

The Deposition of John Green Capt. in Coll Hezekiah Wyllys Regt is as follow—

(viz.) that on the 29th day of July 1780 about 12 of the clock on Said day I was at the House of Capt. Enoch Smith [Inholden] in Middlehadam Society in Chatham & being in the Chamber of Said House the Window being opened—I saw Majr Mornan or the French Indianear so called Ride up to the Door Yard near Said house with one of his Servts with him, and Said to Said Servt call him out here; upon which order Said Servt entered Said house and Immediately John Robarts Qr Mr Serjt of Said Rigt went out of Said House and repaired to Said Majr Mornan who was then Sitting on his horse who Inquired of Said Serjt what the Reason he had not his meat meaning as I Supposed his allowance to which Said Serjt Answered in a Decent Manner with his head uncovered I will tell or Shew you and taking a Paper out of his pockett offered it to him which he refused telling Said Serjt he would have his allowance to Day for he had Drawn it to which the Said Servt Replyed I have given you as much as I can my meat is all gone and every one must have a little and you Shall have yours to morrow at which said Majr God Dam’d Said Serjt & told him he would have it to Day Dismounted his horse and Drew his Sword Said Serjt then told said Majr I have Done my Duty go to my Master and Desired him not to Strike him: Said Majr then Said to Said Serjt God Damn you I will kill you and with his Sword Drawn made a pass at Said Serjt Aiming as I Supposed at his Breast which Said Serjt prevented by the help of a Stick or Staff then in his hand Saying to Said Majr God Damn you do you Intend to kill me at which Said Majr made a Second Pass at Said Serjt which was prevented in like manner as the first and said Serjt Replyed again to said Majr with an Oath that if he killed him he had Done his Duty and retreated To the gate of the Door yard near said house and being pursued by Said Majr as he entered Said gate a 3d pass with Said Sword Drawn was made madd by Said Majr at Said Serjt which enterd the left Arm of Said Serjt which then was near his Breast Said Serjt Still Retreating and being pursued by Said Majr a 4th pass was made by Said Majr at Said Serjt with Said Sword Drawn which entered Said Serjts Brest and bent the Blade of Said Sword which Said Majr Straitned on the Sill of the Door Yard then Repeated his threating Saying God Damn you I will kill you then hasting to Said Serjt made a 5th pass at Said Serjt with Said Sword Drawn which entered Said Serjts Body at or near the Waistband of his Breeches near his Grine at which time I the Depenant Stept Down out of Said chamber and hearing Some hard Language Spoken by Said Majr I Saw Said Majr mount his horse and ride away from Said Sergt and further the Depenant Saith not.

John Green

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