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To George Washington from Peter Muhlenberg, 1 August 1780

Fredericksburg August 1st 1780


By this days post I was honor’d with Your Excellencys Letter of the 18th of July—& likewise with another, directed to Major General Gates enclosing the Arrangement of the Virginia Line. As General Gates has left this State & Joind the Southern Army, I took the Liberty to open the Letter, agreeable to the directions on the outside, and after taking a Copy of the Arrangement, forwarded it on—The House of Assembly, after long debates, at last came to a resolution to raise 3000 Men for eighteen Months—The Bill was not printed a few days ago, but I expect it this Evening by an Express I sent for that purpose—The Officers by Order of General Gates assembled at this place, on the 14th of last Month, in order to assist in collecting the New Levies; but after consulting with The Governor & Council at Richmond, He wrote me, that nothing could be done, untill the Governor receivd an Answer to his Letter from Your Excellency; As this Obstacle is now removd, I hope nothing else will retard the Collection of the new Levies—The whole of the Old Soldiers at Chesterfield (:except the State Regiments & some Convalescents,:) are at present formd into five Companies of Sixty Men each, They would have gone on before this time, but there is a total want of every thing necessary to fit them for the Field—there are neither Teams—Tents, or Blanketts, & it is but a few days since we have been able to procure Arms fit for Service—The two State Regiments by an Order of the Governor & Council, remain at Petersburg where they are to be equipt for the Field—They have continued there untill they are reducd to forty two, fit for duty—enclosd I do myself the Honor to transmit Your Excellency an exact Return of the Officers now in the State. By the last Accounts we have from the Southward, The enemy are falling back to Charlestown—I would likewise beg leave to inform Your Excellency, that a great Number of our Privates, taken at Charlestown, have made their escape from the Enemy (:not less I am informed then 200:) these Men, th’o most of them Soldiers for the War are permitted to return to their homes, and look upon themselves as free from the Service; Some of them have been detaind at this post, untill I shall receive Your Excellencys Orders what is to be done with them—The prisoners taken by the Enemy, in the Action with Colo. Bufort are nearly all returnd with Paroles, signd by Colo. Fulton. I have the Honor to be with great Respect Your Excellencys Most Obedt hble Servt

P: Muhlenberg

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July 30th 1780

A Return of the Continental Officers of the Virga Line now in the State exclusive of the 9th Regiment, which is intire at Fort Pitt

County or
place where
Names Rank Regt they reside Remarks
Daniel Morgan Collon: 7th Frederick
James Wood do 8th Albemarle Commands
the Barracks
Christr Fibiger do 2d Fredericksburg on Duty
John Green do 6th Culpepper
William Davies Do 10th Chesterfield on Duty
Abraham Buford Do 11th Chesterfield.
John Cropper Lt Colo. 7th Accomack has offered
as delegate and
must of Course
have resign’d.
Thomas Gaskins Do 3d Lancaster
Samuel Hawes Do 6th Caroline
John Webb Do 5th King George
Richard Taylor do --- Orange
Thomas posey Major 7th Chesterfield. on Duty
Thomas Ridley Do 6th South hampton.
Thomas Hill Do 5th King William
1. Archibaeld
Denholm Captn 1st Manchester
2. John payton
Harrison Do 2d Loudon
3. Valentin
Harrison do 2d Loudon
4. William Bently Do 3d Hannover
5. John Hawkins do 3th Alexandria
6. John Anderson do 3d Hannover.
7. Abraham
Kirkpatrick do 4th ---- was left in
pensylvania with
a View to resign but
not known whether
he has or not
8. John Steed do 4th Frederick
9. Philip Hoffmann do 4th Shannando
10. Wm Lewis Lovely do 4th Fredricksburg on duty
11 Henry Young do 5th Manchester Brigd. Q.M.
with Stores &c.
12 James Williams Do 6th now in North Carolina
with Gener. Stephens
13. peter Bryan Bruin do 7th Frederick
14 John Marschal do 7th Williamsburg
15 philip Slaughter Captn 7th Culpepper
16 Vause Do 8th Hampshire
17. Robert Gamble do 8th Augusta
18. Andreas Wallace do 8th Botertourt
19. Thomas Bowjer Do 8th Chesterfield on Duty
20. John Overton Do 10th Kentucky on his Return
21. Reed Do 10th Do Do
22. Wenston do 10th Hannover
23. John Marks do 10th Albemarle
24. Eppis do 10th prince George

1. philip Sansum Lieutt 1st Eastern Shore disputed
from long
2. Joseph Scott Do 1st Amelia
3. Ballard Smith Do 1st Henrico
4. Mathew Clay do 1st
5. Arthur Lind Capt. Lt 3d Richmond State
6. Andrews Lieut. 3d
7. John Willson Lt 4th Chesterfield on duty
8. Benjamin Lawson do 4th prince Edward
9. philip Easton do 4th Battle town
10. pieter Higgens do 4th Chesterfield on duty
11. Thomas Miller do 4th Chesterfield on duty
12. Wm White Do 5th
13. Mathew Rhea do 5th Chesterfield on duty
14. Robert Jewell do 5th Albemarle
15. John Hackley do 6th Culpepper
16. Evens do 6th
17. Moore do 6th
18. Thomas Ronsdue do 7th Fauquoire
19. Reuben Long do 7th Culpepper
20. Wm Williams do 7th
21. Benjamin Ashley do 7th Supposed resignd or
gone to Kentucky
22. John Barns do 7th Fredericksburg Sick
23. Oldham Lieut. 8th Berckley
24. Sigismund Stribling Do 8th Frederick
25. White do 8th Berckley
26. Williams do 8th Hamshire
27. Mc Dowall Do 8th Augusta
28. Albert Russell Do 8th Berckley
29. Baylis Do 8th Faoquire offered to
30. Hez. Morton Do 8th Chesterfield on duty
31. [Henry] Bowyer Do 8th pietersburg on duty
32. Abraham Maury Do 10th Albemarle
33. Ewing Do 10th Montgomery
34. Thomas Benfoot Do 10th Amherst
35. John Johnson Do 10th Hannover
36. John Crittendon Do 11th Kentucky Suppos’d
37. Albridgeton Jones Do 11th South hampton
38. Samuel Jones Do 11th Manchester with Capt.
Coutney Ensign 1st
Richard Coleman Do 2d Culpepper
James Broaddus do 2d Culpepper
George A. Washington do 2d Head Quarter
Francis Smith do 6th Chesterfield
Morgan do 7th
Lee Do 7th
Elisha King do 10th Chesterfield on duty

Gists Regiment
John Gists Captn Gists near Baltimore
Samuel Lapsley do Do Rocky Ridge
Brother Jones do Do Fredericksburg
Thomas Bell do do Stanton
Joseph Smith do Do Baltimore
Francis Muir do Do Chesterfield on duty
Wm. Triplett Lieutt do Culpepper
Nathaniel Mitchell Major of Brigade to Genl Muhlenberg
& Major to Colo. Gists Regt

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