George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Anthony Wayne, 19 July 1780

19 July 1780

The first and second Penna. Brigades with four field pieces and Col. Moyland’s Horse to take up their line of march...tomorrow afternoon for the purpose of destroying the blockhouse near Bulls Ferry and securing the cows, Bergen Neck and between the Hackensack and North Rivers from Newbridge and Liberty Pole southward. Desposition: A captain and twenty horse to proceed for Closter Landing so as to be in possession of the lookout opposite Philips by the dawn of day, calling on Capt. Blanch to join him with his order to watch the motions of the enemy on Voluntine’s Hill, and should he discover any attempt to land troops on this side of the river, he will immediately raise a large smoke and continue it, despatching at the same time two trusty horsemen with the particulars towards Bulls Ferry below Fort Lee, giving every opposition to the enemy, whilst attempting to pass at the defile which the militia under Capt. Blanch will be employed in. A field officer with one hundred men and one piece of artillery to remain in possession of New Bridge—two regiments to advance with a few horse—one to the beach opposite Kings Bridge, the other to Fort Lee in order to defend those landing and to make the proper signals in case of any attempt from Fort Washington which, for my knowledge of the ground, is an event more to be wished than dreaded. These posts all to be occupied by the dawn of day...and all persons prevented passing or repassing. The remainder of the troops will move in two columns to Bulls Ferry—one on the summit of the mountain—the other with the artillery and horses along the open road. Whilst this is performing, unless circumstances render it improper, the remainder of the horse will push with rapidity towards bergen town & when they reach as low as is necessary, or prudent, begin & Drive off every Species of Cattle & horses moving back with Velocity—whilst an other party are advanced to cover them.

this will effectually guard against any serious Consequences and afford an Opportunity of Effecting our purposes—or withdrawing Occationally.

shou’d this meet your Excellency’s Approbation—or shou’d you think it expedient to alter or amend it, I will with some Degree of Confidence take charge of the affair—these are the out lines—the minutia, will be attended to on the March.

Anty Wayne

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