George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Peter Muhlenberg, 4 July 1780

Fredericksburg July 4th 1780


I was Yesterday honord with a Letter from His Excellency The Governor, wherein he desires me to transmit Your Excellency a Return of the Officers of the Virginia Line at present in the State; I now do myself the Honor to inclose a Return of all The Officers I could get intelligence of, with their Rank and date of Commission.

General Gates this Morning left Town for Richmond and has ordered all the Officers to meet at this place on the 15th of this Month.

The plan I did myself the honor to mention to Your Excellency in my last, proposd by a Committee of the Assembly, to fill up the Continental Battallions, is not yet finally determined on, but I have no doubt it will go through. a Brittish Fleet is at present in our Bay, but we have not yet been able to ascertain their Strength or destination. I have the Honor to be with great Respect Your Excellencys Most Obedt hble Servt

P: Muhlenberg

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c.4 July 1780

A Return of the Continental Officers now in Virginia,

as nearly as at present can be ascertained July 4th 1780

Names Rank Regt Remarks

Daniel Morgan Colonel 7th Regt To 7
James Wood Ditto 8th on Command To 8
Christian Febiger Ditto 2nd To 2d
John Green Ditto 6th To 6
William Davies Ditto 10th To 10
Abraham Buford Ditto 11th To 11
Samuel Haws Lt Colonel 6th To 6
John Cropper Ditto 7th unlimited Furlough
To Woods 8th
John Webb Ditto 5th To Davies 10th
Richard Taylor Ditto at Fort Pitt—To 11
Thomas Gaskins Ditto 3rd To 2d
Thomas Posey Major 7th To 7
Thomas Hill Ditto 5th To 8
Thomas Ridley Ditto 6th To 6

Archibald Denham Captain 1st for Febiger’s
John Peyton Harrisson Ditto 2nd Corps of
Valentine Harrisson Ditto 2nd Levies
William Bentley Ditto 3rd denomited
John Hawkins Ditto 3rd for present
John Anderson Ditto 3rd to Morgans
Philip Hoffman Ditto 4th To
William L. Loveley Ditto 4th
Abraham Kirkpatrick Ditto 4th Buford’s
John Steed Ditto 4th
John Young Ditto 5th to Greenes Regmt
Reuben Long Lieut. 7th
David Williams Do 7th Morgan—7
John Towns Do 7th
Benjamin Ashley Do 7th
Sigamund Stribling Do 8th
Albert Russell Do & Adjt 10th To Wood—8
Abraham Murray Lt & Adjt 10th
Ewing Lt 10th To Davies’s
Pointer Do 10th 10th
Burfort Do 11th
Albridgiton Jones Lt & Adjt 11th
Saml Jones Lt 11th To Buford’s
John Crittendon Do 11th Corps—11
Cortney Ensign 1st
Richard Coleman Ditto 2nd to be Febigers
James Bradden Ditto 2nd Corps—2
Two Do 3rd placed in Greene’s
Three Ditto 4th To Bufords—
One or two Ditto 5th 11
Morgan Do 7th Morgan
Lee Ditto 7th
Two or three Ditto 8th To 8
Mr King &
two or three more 10th to Davies’s 10
None of the 11th

6 Colonels
5 Lt Colonels
3 Majors
25 Captains
25 Lieutentants
16 Ensigns.

James Williams Captain 6th to Green’s
Mountjoy Ditto 6th Regmt—
William Blackwell Ditto 6th 6th
Peter Brian Bruen Ditto 7th to Morgans
Philip Slaughter Ditto 7th Corps—
John Marshall Ditto 7th 7th
Robert Gamble Ditto 8th
Thomas Bowyer Ditto 8th To
Andrew Wallace Ditto 8th Woods
William Baylis Ditto 8th 8th
John Overton Ditto 10th
Reed Dittto 10th To
John Winston Ditto 10th Davies’s—
Marks Ditto 10th 10
Philip Sansum Lieutt 1st R. for
Ballard Smith Do Febigers Corps
Matthew Clay Do 2d
John Steel Do
Andrews Do 3rd R. To Bufords—11th
Benjamin Lawson Do 4th To the 8th
Philip Easton Do 4th (Woods)
John Jeffries Do 5th
William White Do 5th To
Evans Do 6th Green’s
Moore Do 6th 6th
Thomas Ransdale Do 7th to Morgan

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