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Memorandum of Strength of New Jersey Militia, June 1780

June. 1780

An imperfect—& more than probably—an enlarged acct of the Jersey Militia at Spring field

Maxwell 3 Regts
Dayton Contls
Essex Cty Jaques 350
Ditto Cortland 300
Somerset. Frelinghausen 350
Middles. Webster 300
Morris Seely 490
Ditto Stark 430
Somerset Vandyke 350
Middles. Nelson 170
Hunterton Taylor 100

And Six Regiments more are expected—viz.

Scudder Middlesex
Beaver Hunterton
Phillips Ditto
Chamberlayne. Do
Shrieve— Burlington
Reynalds Do

Jaques 350

Gibbs 150 Maxwell Frelinghausen 350
Cortland 300 [P.H.] Seely 190 E: R. Webster 300
450 2 pr Artillery Right of F: West Pd Rd
Dayton Cover to Maxwell.
Starks 430
Vandyke 350
Nelson 178
Taylor 100

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