George Washington Papers

To George Washington from William Phillips, 19 June 1780

New York June 19th 1780


I have the honour to inclose Your Excellency the Copy of a letter which has been written to Major Skinner Your Deputy Commisary General of Prisoners, and I have no doubt but that the contents of it will meet with Your Excellency’s approbation, and that you will, Sir, give such instructions as that the Proposals contained in it may be carried into immediate execution. I have the honour to be, Sir, With great personal respect Your Excellency’s most obedient and most humble Servant

W. Phillips

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13 May 1780

List of Prisoners with the Enemy belonging to the Brigade of Royal Artillery in North America, under the Command of Major General James Pattison New York 13th May 1780

Names   When & Where taken   Remarks
Francis Warsdale 31st Augt 1777 New England
Elk Town
Andrew Dick Feby 1778 Jerseys
Owen Garvey May 1779 Savanah
Isaac Enslow 16th July 1779 Lancaster
Stoney Point
Joseph Swain Agers Town Maryland
Joseph New Philadelphia Goal
George Mitchel Lancaster
Robert Rottery
John Currie Philadelphia Goal
Herbert Forrester Agars Town
Joseph Rawson
John Ireland
Duncan McPherson Philadelphia Goal
William Aitkin
Alexander Whitlaw
David Cooper
Mark Jenkins
James Groundstone
John Roberton
Hugh Spiers Agers Town
Abraham Nichols
George Howie
Patt Phillips Albany
James Watson Philadelphia
William Hodds
Richard Gregory Agers Town
Jonathan Carling 16th July 1779 Stoney Point Agers Town
John Phillips
Saml Murgetroyd Lancaster
John West Batten 19th Augt Paulus Hook now in N. York
Andrew Simm Philadelphia Goal
John Brownie
James Smith Agars Town
James Cutter
Charles Jamaison
Thomas Tagg
Robert Jordine Philadelphia Goal
John Walker Agers Town
Paul Glassup Feby 1780
John Douglass
William Hollowell
William Doole
Charles Boyle
John Lawson

Josa Loring Com.

Genl Prisrs



New York 21 June 1780


I have receiv’d the Commands of his Majesty’s Commander in Chief His Excellency General Sir Henry Clinton to propose to You an Exchange of all the British and German Prisoners of war now in your hands according to the certified Lists settled between Me & Mr Beatty at Amboy against an equal Number Rank for Rank of the American Prisoners of war on Long Island including such as may be at home upon their paroles, and Violators of parole in the due Order of their Capture—I have to propose also that such Officers of the Troops of Convention as are now actually on their paroles in New York may be exchanged Rank for Rank against an equal Number of your Long Island Prisoners of war, excepting only Major General Phillips and Major General De Riedesel and such Officers of their families as they may chuse to be with them.

You will no doubt take General Washington’s Commands upon this Matter immediately and on our Officers being suffered to go to any ready place of Embarkation for New York, an equal Number of American Officers shall be sent from Long Island in Exchange for them—His Excellency General Sir Henry Clinton has no Objection to Lieutenant Colonel Ramsay being opposed to Lieutenant Colonel Conolly in an Exchange, supposing this Offer of a general One is accepted of.

I have not received any Answer to my Letter of the 6th of May proposing to you an Exchange of all the Privates Prisoners of war in our possession in New York—I am directed to repeat that Offer & am ready to deliver these Privates amounting to five hundred for an equal Number of the prisoners of war in your hands as follows.

Non-Commissiond Officers & Privates of the 17th Infantry taken at Stoney Point.
The Soldiers of the Artillery according to the inclosed List.
The Soldiers of the 42d & 71st Regiments who have been of a long time prisoners at Fort Frederick & Winchester in Maryland.

The Remainder to be made up from our Prisoners of war of the longest Capture.

If this meets with General Washington’s Approbation I shall be ready to carry it into Execution immediately at such place as our respective Commanders in Chief shall please to appoint, and I hope that Motives of Humanity will urge that no further Delay be made to this proposal; Hitherto your Prisoners have (by great Attention & Expence) been kept from Sickness, but it will be impossible when the hot weather sets in for them to continue so, as They have scarce any Shirts or Cloathing to keep them clean & healthy. I am Sir with due Respect Your most Obedient Humble Servant

Josa Loring

Com. Genl Prisrs

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