George Washington Papers

General Orders, 11 June 1780

Head Quarters Short Hills Sunday June 11th 1780

Parole Patriotism
Countersigns Jersey
Watchword Halloo

Morning Orders June 11th 1780

The State or SubClothiers to apply without delay to the Deputy Clothier General at Colonel Potters on the Baskenridge road for their proportion of shoes; if the SubClothiers are not present officers are to be appointed for the purpose of receiving the Shoes and delivering them to the regimental Clothiers.

A trusty Corporal to be sent from each division, immediately to Colonel Potters to assist the Deputy Clothier General.

After Orders

The General observed with great pain to day that a number of men were straggling to a considerable distance from Camp on a variety of frivolous pretences and without passes from the Commandants of their regiments.

This Practice subversive of all discipline and pernicious in every point of view demands the utmost care of the officers to prevent it; The General for this Purpose enjoins a strict observance of the Regulations forbidding any noncommission’d officer or Soldier to pass the chain of Sentinels without a written permission from the commanding officer of his regiment; and those respecting Roll-calls; and the more effectually to prevent straggling He authorizes every officer who shall find a Soldier without the chain unprovided with the Permit requir’d to order him on the spot fifty lashes. The visit directed to be made at Tatoo beating will be always under the Inspection of a Commission’d officer and the Tattoo will beat at nine o clock ’till further orders.

The advanced Corps is not to beat.

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