George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Jacob Bayley, 3 June 1780

Boston 3d June 1780


I have to accknowled the many favours Confered on me by your Excelencey in Particular in ordering a Trial by a General court marchall by which I was in hopes to have had an opertunity to have Cleared my Enjured Carrector—the Complaint layed against me by Mr [Tichner] was no less false then ground less and [Melitious]—calculated to Secure himself from Justice—I need not Inlarge on this Head as I Persume the Judgement of the Court Marchall will Do him and me Justice.

Your Excelencys order to lay up a magazine of Flower of the last years Produce on this River have been by Mr [Cylor] Mr [Tichner] Purchaseing Comissary or Prehaps both were concerned in it However the good People on Conecticut River have Reserved about 10000 bushels of wheat and near as much Indian Corn and Peas for Publick use if wanted, Exclusive of what the Purchaseing Comsrs have Bought up & Paid for. the People in our Quarter are much alarmed at thier Expossd Situation in Consequence of thier fears and repeated Complaints Colo. Bellows Colo. Chace Colo. [Morey] and my self have made application to the States of New hampshire and Massachussitts for Protaction and that a Sum of money may be Immediately advanced by the one or the other of those States to Secure the wheat and Flower thus far reserved by the people for Publick use, I Shall again return from this Place to meet the Assembly of New hampsr. at Exeter on the 7th Instant on those Important matters; I Shall Endeavour to use Every Prudent Measure to retain as much Flower as Possiable for Publick use of the last years Crop which is now comeing in from Coos to this market Every Day, the People in our Quarter would be Happy if the Circumstances of Publick affairs would admit of your Excelencys undertakeing a northern Campaign this year thier Personal assistance may be Relied on.

by and with advise of Colo. Hazan and Sundry other Gentln. at Coos I have Disspached two Partys on Different routs Into Canada for Inteligence from that County, which Shall be transmitt’d without Delay to your Excelency, I am your Excelencys Most Humble Servant

Jacob Bayley

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