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New Jersey Militia to be Retained in Service, May 1780

c.May 1780

Colo. Scudder 350. Middlesex near Princeton
Chamberlain Hunterton upper part.
Philips 350 Ditto
Courtlandt .1/2 Essex Newark
Jaques 1/2 200 Ditto Elizabeth Town
Webster 1/2 175 Middlesex East of Rariton

The above to continue till a relief arrives wch is expected on Monday next by four classes from the Regimts of
Colo. Nelson 1/2. 200 Middlesex West side Rariton
Seely 1/2. 250 Morris Bottle Hill
Taylor 1/2. 200 Hunterton Maidenhead
[Frelinghn] 1/2 240 Somerset Middlebrook
Vandyke 1/2’. 200 Ditto Millstone
Starke 1/2 250 Morris

The above detachment of 4 Classes is to be commanded by

Colo. Tayler. Hunterton
Lt Col Meddagh &
Majr Nefuis Somerset
Colo. Starke Middlesex
Lt Colo. Hathaway &
Majr Van Emberg Morris

The above Detachment to continue in service one fortnight. & to be again relieved by 4 Classes from the Regimts of Colo.




& others wch may be ordered.

The Regimts of Colo. Webster. Courtlandt, & Jaques not to be again called out by detachments after the arrival of the Reliefs, but to remain at home & furnish their whole force upon emergencies.

In case of future alarms, the intelligence to be conveyed to the nearest field Officer of each Regiment by Express.

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