George Washington Papers

From George Washington to John Neilson, May 1780

c.May 1780

Alarm Post and Places of Rendezvous

of the Militia of New Jersey.

Counties and Colonels.

Middlesex— North of Raraton

Colonel Webster. To assemble at the short Hills and
Quible Town. To have some small
parties of the most trusty Men, to watch
1. the motions of the Enemy and to give him
frequent information which he is to
communicate to the Commander in Chief as
soon as possible.
If he finds the Enemy advancing into the
Country to endeavour to keep on one or
2. both their Flanks and as near their Front as possible, and to
keep up a constant Fire with small Parties in different Places.
If they press towards the Mountains and
seem to intend to penetrate them he is
3. to possess himself of the Gap they move
towards and give them all the annoyance and obststruction in his power.

Middlesex South of Raraton.

Colonels Neilson To assemble at Brunswick and South
and Scudder 1. 2. Bridge, And further to act according
to circumstances most effectually to
distress and annoy the Enemy.
Essex. Southern part and middle part.
To assemble at Connecticut Farms, Wt Field,
Spring Field and Mountain Meeting House.
1. 2. 3.
Colonel Cortland, Northern part
To assemble part on the Hills in the rear of Newark,
and part at the Heights near Doctr Roachs above
1. 2. 3.
Somerset. North of Raraton.
Colonel Frelinghausen To assemble part at Capt. Tingleys
near Quibble Town gap and part at Turkey Meeting
House to have a particular attention to all the gaps
and passes of the Mountains between Quibble Town and
Turkey. 1. 2. 3.
Somerset South of Raraton.
To assemble at the landing Bridge and part at Bound
Brook. 1. 2.
Colo. Van Dyke. If he finds the Enemy are pushing
towards the Mountains He is to move his Regiment
within the Mountains and to act in concert with
Colonel Frelinghausen in opposing them.
Bergen County.
Colo. Dey To Assemble on the Heights near Hackensack new
Bridge– Early to send out one party to the little Ferry and
another towards Closter to prevent the Enemy turning his right or
1. 2. 3.
Morris County.
Colo. Seely. The lower part to assemble as soon as
possible at Chatham and Bottle Hill
1. 2. 3.
The upper part
Colo. Monson. To assemble as soon as possible at
their usual places of Meeting, and to march by
Companies by the shortest Roads
4. to Morris Town and there take further
Colo. Soward To Assemble at their usual places of
& Colo. Webster at Meeting by Companies and to march by the
Phillipsburgh. shortest Roads to Morris Town and there take further
Hunterdon County.
Colo. Beaver To Assemble at German Town and to march
by Veal Town to Morris Town.
Colonel Taylor and To Assemble at Reading Town Meeting
Lt Colo. Chamberlin House to march by Pluckemin, Boulin’s
Tavern and Baskenridge Meeting House to Morris Town.
Colonels Hunterdon Co.
Colonel Phillips To Assemble at Hopewell and to march by
Somerset Court House and Bound Brook to Morris Town.
Burlington County.
Colo. Wm Shrieve To Assemble at Princetown and to march
Colo. Thos Reonalds by Somerst Court House and Bound Brook
to Morris Town.
Monmouth County.
Colo. Holmes To Assemble at South Amboy and along the shore
towards Middletown.
Colo. Hendrickson To Assemble at Middletown Tinton Falls Shrewsbury
Colo. Saml Foreman and Deal— to watch the motions
of the Enemy, and in case of their Landing to give
them all the Annoyance in their power.

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