George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Nathanael Greene, May 1780

c.May-June 1780

An Estimate of rations required to supply an Army

of Thirty five Thousand rank & File

rations per day

  The Commander in Chief, and his suite, The  
Committee of Congress, Foreign Officers
and their attendants 80
25, General Officers at 15 rations per day 375
210 Field Officers supposing 70 Regts and field Officers to each Regt at 3 ra. each 630
Captains, Subalterns & Staff 31 to Each regiment to Camp hauling provisions, Forage & Stores 4,340
Rank & File 35,000
Hospital Department 250
 Commissary General, Commissary of Magazine their Clerks & Assistants 20
Forage Department 50
Geographer & Surveyers 20
Cloathiers Department 20
Engineers Sappers and Miners 200
40 Brigade Commissary’s and their Clerks @ 2 ra. Ea. 80
10 Clerks and Store Keepers in the 2 M. Genls line at Camp @ 2 ra. Ea. 20
60 Waggon Officers @ a ra. Ea. 120
50 Officers of Artificers @ 2 ra. Ea. 100
40 Officers of Boats &ca @ 2 ra. Ea. 80
800 Artificers 800
400, Sailers and Boatmen 400
1500, Waggoners 1500
12 Supervisors of roads, Expresses, Guides, Horse Yard Keepers &ca 24
Butchers 60
Commissary of Hides Department 20
Women & Cooks 800
Waggoners employd from Delaware & North River to Camp hauling provisions, Forage & Stores 600
Drovers of Cattle 50
provost 61
Total of rations daily 45,700

Forty five Thousand seven hundred rations, at one pound & a quarter of bread or flour per Man per day for thirty days will require Eight Thousand five hundred & Sixty nine Barrels of Flour each Barrell weighing two hundred pounds to furnish and speedily forward this quantity the following proportion is Stated.

Maryland 2000 to be delivered by the
State of Maryd at Trenton
Delaware 500 to be also dld by that state at Trenton
Jersey 500 to be Deliverd by the
superintd. at Camp
Pensylvania 4,500 to be Deliverd one Thousand
Barrels at Easton
1000, Bls at Coryells ferry
& 2,500 at Trenton
Connecticut 1,200 to be Dld at North River or the Sound
New York 169 to be Dld at Albany or Schenectady
8,869 Total in Bls for thirty days Supply
Estimating the barrels to contain two
hundred pounds of flour each. The
barrels usually are not packed and on an
Average do not weigh more than One
hundred & Seventy pounds at the time of

An Equal quantity of Beef will be required the mode of Estimating Cattle on foot has been very injurious to the public and may be of ruinous consequences in the present case it is proposed that the Cattle furnished be slaughtered at Camp and the exact weight fixed, this will do equal Justice to the States and to the Army.

New Hampshire for thirty days at the rate of 10,000
pounds Beef Deld in Camp
Massachusetts 6,000 Delivd in Camp
Connecticut 25,000 Ditto
New York 4,000 dld at Albany
or Schenectady
Delaware 3,000 Deliverd in Camp
Pensylvania 7,000 Ditto
New Jersey 2,125 Ditto
Total 57,125 pds Beef per Day

Rum allowing a Gill to each ration will require 18 Hogds per day avaraging the Hhds at 100 Gallons Each great peculation is made on this costly and usefull article and tho it is not proposed by this Estimate to fix a Gill of Rum as part of a ration yet provision should be made for having it is to Issue when the Commander in Chief thinks proper.

Twenty Hhds per day for 30 days amount to 600 Hhds.

New Hampshire —to procure and forward to Camp 25
Rhode Island ditto 25
Massachusetts ditto 100
Connecticut ditto 100
Pensylvaa ditto 300
Maryland ditto 50 Dld

Soap and Candles should be instantly provided in New Jersey by the Superintendant Contracter and regularly furnished to the Troops. What provision Colo. Blain has made for Vinigar I dont know, but the health of the Army requires a considerable quantity of that Article.

The Officers of the Army as well as the Troops in General in the Summer season are anxious for Bacon there is little or none provided for the Campaign in Addition to the Beef it is proposed to require of

Virginia   30,000 pounds of Bacon
Maryland 20,000
Delaware 5,000
Pensylvania 30,000
Connecticut 30,000
Massachusetts 30,000
145,000 pds of Bacon

This quantity would be three days supply for the whole and we think may be readily furnished by all the above States.


We think the foregoing Estimate is as accurate as the information we have of the resources in the several States will admit of. Considerable supplys in Forage will be required of Virginia and Delaware States and from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we expect fresh Meat will be called for to supply the French Fleet, on this supposition, we rated them lower in this Estimate than we should otherwise have done.

Nath. Greene Q.M.G.

Chas Stewart Comm. Gen. Issues


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