George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Jean-Baptiste de Gouvion, 30 May 1780

Morristown May 30th 1780

Sleeppers 18 foot long for the platt forms of the canons 500.
Sleeppers 12 foot long for the platt forms of the Mortars 200.
planks 12 foot long 2 or 3 inches thick 3200.
fascines one foot thick and from 9 to 15 foot of lengths 60000.
piquets 3 foot long 300000.
gabions 3 foot and half high and three foot and half wide 10000.
gabions Six foot Wide and Six foot high 1000.
Mallets to drive the piquets 500.
Moles to Ramm the earth of the Batteries 500.
Spades and Shovels 10000.
pick axes 5000.
axes 2000.
bill hooks to make the fascines and gabions 2000.

Sand bags 27 inches long 24 wide. Make as many of them as it is possibl with the [   ] for Service in the different Stores of the Q.M.G.

if in the Beginning of the attack we had on hand the third part of the preparations here mentioned it should so Sufficient because 400 fatigue men Keept constantly at Work Could make the fascines and gabions faster than We could employ them.

J. Gouvion

Lt Col. of Engineers

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