George Washington Papers

General Orders, 28 May 1780

Head Quarters Morristown Sunday May 28th 80

Parole Dublin
Countersigns Elk. Esk
Of. the Day Tomorrow
Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Hubly
Major J. Moore
Brigade Major Stark’s Brigade

The Pennsylvania Division Hand’s and Stark’s brigades give the Morristown Guards & fatigue this Week.

A Detachment from the Line to parade tomorrow at Guardmounting with three days provisions their blankets and 40 rounds per man: Major Talbot will take command of them: a surgeon or mate from Stark’s brigade to join the Detachment.

The manœuvring Battalions instead of parading on the Ground at 7 o clock as mentioned in orders of the 26th instant are to be formed in the road in the rear of the Quarter Master General’s, precisely at five o clock tomorrow morning, where they will receive blank Cartridges: Brigade Major Alexander to attend the Formation: Sixteen Marechausie light dragoons with a Commission’d officer to attend at the same time and place.

Colonels Stewart and Craig are to command two of the manœuvring Battalions tomorrow vice Colonels Cortlandt and Ganzevoort and Lieutenant Colonel Murray vice Lieutenant Colonel Willet obliged to be absent.

The 2nd Pennsylvania brigade to furnish a regimental Standard, and give an Adjutant vice Clinton’s.

At a General Court martial whereof Colonel Elliott was President held at Newport the 1st Instant

Windsor Fry Soldier in Colonel Green’s regiment was tried for "Entering the Commissary’s store, stealing from thence a quantity of Beef, Candles and Rum; also for breaking open two Wind Mills and Stealing a Quantity of Meal" pled Guilty.

The Court having maturely considered the heinousness of his present Crimes together with his former bad conduct are unanimously of opinion that he suffer Death.

The Commander in Chief confirms the Sentence and Orders it to be put in Execution at such time and place as Colonel Green shall think proper.

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