George Washington Papers

General Orders, 12 May 1780

Head Quarters Morristown Friday May 12th 1780

Parole De la Fayette
Countersigns France; Spain.
Of. the Day Tomorrow
Colonel H. Jackson
Lieutenant Colonel Mentges
Brigade Major Alexander

On Monday next the Troops will begin to exercise and continue every day Fridays and Saturday’s excepted in the following manner.

At Six oClock A.M. each regiment will parade and the Rolls be called the commanding officer taking particular care that none of the officers or men are absent except those on Guard or other military duty, and immediately after the rolls are called each regiment will begin to Exercise by Companies in the manner prescribed in the 6th Chapter of the Regulations, each Company to be exercised by the Captain or officer commanding it. The Field Officers to superintend the whole and see that it is carried on agreeable to the regulations.

The Paymasters and Quarter masters having a right to command in their companies in time of Action must attend the Exercise as often as their Staff duties will admit: at Five oClock the regiments will exercise by Companies in the same manner but without Arms. The Commanding officers of regiments are to be answerable that no Waiter or other person absents himself from the Exercise on any pretence and the Generals and Inspectors of Brigades will visit the regiments and see that this order is strictly obeyed.

Every Monday Wednesday and Saturday beginning on Monday next the Inspector General or in his absence one of the Inspectors will exercise on the Green near Morristown two Battalions detached from the Line with four Field pieces each Battalion to consist of

one Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel

one Major

Six Captains

Seven Lieutenants

Eight Ensigns, one of which is for the Colours

Twenty six Serjeants

Eight Corporals

Eight Drums

Eight Fifers

Two hundred & fifty six rank and File

The Troops to be at the place of Exercise at Nine o clock A.M.

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