George Washington Papers

To George Washington from William Fitzhugh, 23 April 1780

Annapolis Maryld Apr. 23d 1780

Dear General

This will be Deliver’d to you by my Particular Friend Mr Smith, Whose Prudence, & Conduct from the Begining of the War, Has merrited a General Approbation, & He now Has Permission to go to Great Brittain, & may return When He Pleases.

I had the Honor to recieve your favor with Enclosures for My Son, Who has Address’d your Excellency on the Subject of His releasement, & forwarded His Parole Under Cover to Colo. Ramsay, Whom He Expects it will Overtake at Philadelphia Before He Departs for Head Quarters.

I am Infinetely Oblig’d to you for your friendship & Indulgence to My Captive Son; The Limitation of His Parole, to the 15th of July next, is Kindness to Him & a Mark of that Justice, & Humanity to Others, Which Has, & I hope ever will Distinguish your Character.

As My friend Smith is Intimately Acquainted with Genral Tryon, & has promis’d Me His Interrest wth Him, And As I Entertain no Doubt of Genl Philips’s Continuing His Good Offices to my Son, I Flatter Myself with His Obtaining a Common Parole, by the time His present Indulgence Shall Cease, which I Assure you my Dear General, is An Interresting Object to Me, Having, from the Great Scarcity of Gold & Silver, & the Rapid Depreciation of Paper Money, Found it Extreamly Inconvenient & Very Difficult to Support Him in Captivity As a Gentleman; Nor can I indulge the most Distant Expectation of a Cartel being Settl’d, so Long as the Convention Troops Remain As they Are & will Continue to be an Obsticle to that Desireable Event.

Our General Assembly is now Setting, & have Pass’d a Bill for Supplying Our Prisoners with provisions at New york, of the Policy or Expediency of This Measure, I can not Undertake to Judge, but Hope it may prove salutary—Our Supply Bill founded on the Regulations of Congress is not yet Passed, Tho I Expect will, & be Adequate to Every Necessary Purpose; The Greatest Part of This States Quoto of Provisions Are Already Procur’d, & more in many Articles, That of Beef only remains Deficient.

My Son I think is much Improv’d by His Military Progress; He return’d from Hence to Marlbro’ yesterday. I Have The Honor to be with Sincere Regard Your Excellencys Affectionate & Oblig’d Humble Sert

Willm Fitzhugh

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