George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Jacob I. Klock, 29 March 1780

March 29th 1780.

To his Excellency George Washington Esquire, General, and Commander in Chief of the United Forces of North America.

The humble Petition of the Principal inhabitants and Freeholders of Tryon County, in the State of New York.

Humbly Sheweth.

That Your Petitioners humbly begs leave to lay our case open to Your Excellency. As we are intirely the Western Frontier of this State, excepting Fort Schuyler, which is at the distance of Thirty two Miles from the German Flatts, and are so open to the incursions of the Enemy, and as we have suffered so much already, by being destroy’d by the Enemy, in September 1778. at which time the greatest part of the German Flatts was destroy’d, which was owing to not having Troops station’d among us. We humbly beg leave, to observe to Your Excellency, that Your Petitioners, especially the inhabitants of German Flatts and Kingsland Districts, have since the course of this War with Britain lost three fourths of our inhabitants, not to mention the loss of Houses, Barns, Grain, and the greatest part of our Cattle. We must likewise observe to Your Excellency that the great part of our inhabitants is moved down the River, and the small remains that are left, are not able to stand against any part of an enemy which may come, and if we cannot have the grant of some Troops, the remaining part of the inhabitants, of German Flatts and Kingsland, will be oblig’d to move away likewise. And as Provision is scarce with us, on account we dare not venture on our land as usual, as several of our inhabitants has been killed at their Work by the enemy, and we cannot tell where to go too. Your Excellency will be pleas’d to observe, that last summer there was an army sent against the Indians, and about a fortnight ago, the enemy took five Prisoners, at a place called Romar Sniders Bush, and we understand they said then, that the indians was making ready, to take revenge on the Mohawk River, especially on the upper part of the said River. And we farther beg leave to observe, that we cannot rely on our own County for assistance, as every place has enough to do, to guard themselves, especially as a great number is listed in the Continental service.

Therefore, Your Petitioners humbly Prayeth: That Your Excellency will be pleased to grant our Request, that we may have some Troops station’d on those Frontiers. that we may be able to stay, and baulk the cruel designs of our Enemies. And Your Petitioners, as in Duty bound Shall ever Pray.

Jacob Klock Colo.

Fredk Fisher Colo.

Peter Bellinger Colo.

Lieut. Peter Waggoner Collo.

John [N]ukerk Major

Hen[ v]ig Herder Capt.

Henrick Staring Capt.

Frederic Getman Capt. his mark

Frederich Frank Capt.

Jacob Small Capt.

Peter Weber Lieut.

John Bellinger Ensign

Patrick Campbell Ensign

Jacob Petrie En Sign

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