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To George Washington from Seth Warner, 10 March 1780

Bennington 10th March 1780

May it please your Excellency,

The Difficultys my Regiment Labour under are many and great: This Winter has stripp’d them quite naked for Cloathing—My Men are entirely unfit for Duty, though in Health, for the Want of Shirts, Breeches, Stockings and Shoes—Some are entirely without Blanketts—Every Article of Cloathing in the Regiment is worn out—I find there is more Cloathing charged to the Regt than we have ever receiv’d (viz.) a Quantity of Cloathing drawn from the Stores at Fish Kill by Colo. Dubois, also 20 Watch Coats which Mr Sherman late P. masr to my Regimt made private sale of and I have Reason to think by the best Accounts I have yet been able to procure that there were many other Articles which were never delivered to the Regiment—I arrested Mr Sherman almost Two Months ago, and he is now in Albany prepareing his Accounts for a Settlement with the Regiment and the Public—I have ordered him to make an immediate Settlement with the Regiment, after which I shall send him with a trusty Officer to Head Quarters to settle with the Public—Ensign Tolman (the Bearer of this) present Paymaster to my Regt; will present a Return for Cloathing which if it cannot be answered the Men must go naked—He will likewise present a Return for Cloathing for a Number of Officers who receive no Supplies from any State, and those have it not in their Power to furnish themselves—My Officers are fond to think if they had Money they could do a considerable towards filling the Regiment.

The inclosed is a List of Men reingaged and New Recruits at the Time of that Date, since which my Officers have been and still are Recruiting—The Number of Men they have since engaged I cannot asscertain, But they have a considerable Number as they are daily scattering on to the Regimt; Nine of which went through this Town yesterday, and I find they are all in Want of Cloathing—Should be glad that a larger Number of Suits, (viz. 50 or 60) more than specified in the Return be sent Every Soldier that engages expects to be immediately cloathed—Would earnestly request that a Sum of Money be sent by Ensign Tolman for the Purpose of Recruiting—it being so essential to the Building the Regimt that unless we receive it soon, Recruiting Men will fail, as my Officers are not able to advance more than they have already done, which is considerable. I have 44 Men who engaged for during the War before the 23d of Jany 1779 who have not received their 100 Dollars each, which is allowed by Congress—Ensn Tolman will present a Return for the Money due to those Men, which request that he may recieve—I am with much Respect and Esteem Your Excellency’s Most Obedt Humble Servant

Seth Warner

P.S. A considerable Quanty of Cloathing which is charged to my Regt has been delivered to Capt. Thos Lee’s Independant & Company of Rangers, who were anex’d to my Regt for a Time, by General Clinton.


P.S. Also request that Ensn Tolman may receive Nine Portmanteaus as there is That Number of Officers in my Regimt disintred, inclosed of those Officers in Captivity—Also if in Store, request three Valises for the use of myself, with the Field and Staff.


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c.10 March 1780

A list of the Men Recruited and Reenlisted for the Service of the United States of America to serve During the War in Colonel Seth Warners Regiment.

Companies No. Mens Names When enlisted Whether Reinlisted
or new Recruits
Colo. Warners 1 John McClary Decer 31st 1779 Recruit
2 John Rose 10 Do
3 Asa Baker 20 Do
4 Henry Waklee Octor 1 Do
5 John Herrenbeck Augst 2 Do
6 John Furbush Octor 26 Do
7 William Lamppear 26 Do
8 Lewis Rowlins Decer 8 Do
Majr Brownsons 1 Daniel Rowland Jany 11 1780 Do
2 Edward Allen Decer 25 1779 Do
Capt. Wolcotts 1 John Campbell Jany 1 1780 Do
Capt. Smith 1 Seth Rowley Decer 5 1779 Do
2 John Davis 27 Reenlisted
3 Martin Ammon 25 Do
4 Benjn Comings 5 Do
5 Moses Williams 24 Recruited
*Joseph Fuller 1 Stephen Frowbridge 5 Reenlisted
2 William Collins 8 Do
3 Salmon Bostwick 4 Do
4 William McMarnus July 25 Do
5 * Decer 4 Do
6 William Williams July 25 Do
7 Reuben Ball do 14 Do
8 Jehabod Hayward Augst 5 Do
9 James Chesley July 25 Do
10 Isaac Sharp do 25 Do
11 Avert Vn Wagner Decer 5 Do
12 Ezra Prindle July 22 Do
Capt. Shipman 13 Zacheus Granger Augst 5 Do
14 Samll Price Novr 26 Recruit
15 Daniel Lucas Decer 20 Do
16 Nehemiah Oakly 22 Do
17 John Lemmon 23 Do
18 Allen Reynold 23 Do
19 John Anthony 23 Do
20 Samuel Lyon 23 Do
21 Robert McKnight 23 Do
22 David Southwick 23 Do
23 Samuel Brown 23 Do
24 William Fuller 23 Do
Capt. Moulton 1 Joseph Bonett Novr 29 Reenlisted
2 Phil H. Stish Decer 4 Do
3 Daniel Welch 5 Do
4 Felix Powell 25 Recruit
5 Joseph Hill 25 Reenlisted
6 William Lervey 25 Do
7 Daniel Boldrige Jany 3 1780 Do
8 Amos Kellogg 4 Do
9 Charles Vaughn 5 Do
Capt. Sill 1 Anthony Miller Decer 7 1779 Do
Capt. Baits 1 John Wilson 23 Recruit
2 Rogers Wm Whiting Jany 12 1780 Do
3 James Murphey Jany 12
4 William Wright
5 John Field
6 Robert Smith Reenlisted
7 George Wightman Feby 3 Do
Colo. Safford Samuel Stoddard Feby 1 Recruit
John Coon Jany 1 Do
James Coon 1 Do
Total 60

Seth Warner Colo.

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