George Washington Papers

From George Washington to Thomas Beall, 10 November 1796

10 November 1796

To Thomas Beall of George, and John M Gantt, greeting.

Whereas in and by certain Deeds executed by Amos Smith and others, whereby the whole Land of the Said Amos Smith and others, situate in the Town of Carrollsburgh and also of Hamburgh (now included in the City of Washington) is vested in you, subject to the Trusts in the Said Deeds mentioned; and whereas all the Lands belonging to Minors, persons absent out of the State, married women, or persons non compos mentis, or Lands the property of the State, are by an Act of the Assembly of the State of Maryland, intituled, "An Act concerning the Territory of Columbia and the City of Washington" subjected to the terms and conditions recited in the before-mentioned Deeds from Amos Smith and others; and whereas all the other Lands, belonging as aforesaid, within the limits of the said City of Washington are subjected to the same terms and conditions as Notley Young, Daniel Carroll of Duddington and others, have subjected their Lands to, by their Deeds of trust, respectively, and where no conveyances have been made, the legal Estate and Trust are, by the said Act of Assembly, vested in you, in the same manner as if each proprietor had been competent to make, and had made a legal conveyance of his or her Land, according to the form of those already mentioned, with proper acknowledgement of the execution thereof and where necessary for the release of Dower; and whereas it is provided in and by the several Deeds of trust mentioned in the before in part recited Act of Assembly, that you shall on the request of the President of the United-States for the time being, convey all or any part of the Land which shall not then be conveyed, in execution of the Trusts aforesaid to such person or persons as he shall appoint, in fee-Simple—I do therefore in order to prevent any difficulties which may arise in the execution of the said Trusts, request you to convey all the Lands in the Towns of Carrollsburgh and Hamburgh vested in you by the said Deeds from Amos Smith and others; and also, all Land in the said City of Washington vested in you by virtue of the before in part recited Act of Assembly, to Gustavus Scott, William Thornton and Alexander White, Commissioners appointed under the Act of Congress, intituled, "an Act for establishing the temporary and permanent Seat of the Government of the United States" in fee-Simple, subject to the Trusts yet remaining to be executed; and you are further requested to convey, in like manner, to the said Gustavus Scott, William Thornton and Alexander White, a certain Island or part of an Island situate in Aquia Creek, in the county of Stafford and Commonwealth of Virginia, conveyed to you by George Brent, subject to the Trusts in the Deed of the said George Brent yet remaining to be executed. Given under my hand, this tenth day of November in the Year one thousand seven hundred and ninety Six.

G. Washington

DLC: RG 42—Records for the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, Miscellany Letters of the Presidents.

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