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To George Washington from Johnson Cook, 1 October 1796

Ohio Northwesttern teretory Mereatte October the first 1796


I bless god that the pen is given to man to Convey his Ideas to whom he will god for Ever be blessed that has Lengthened out your life to do So much good for your Country I was rejoyced to see the Close of the last war when your army was disbanded but Sorry to part with so many once strangers to Me but had become my brothers acquaintences fellow sufferers and united into one family but Above all to part with that Man that had led us in A Safe manner through A long and tedeous war when I Saw your honor last was at Newbery After I receivd my discharge from your army you rode past me I looked after you as far as I Could behold you then the tears did fall freely from my Eyes to think that I never should behold my farther again I will have the presumsion to call you my farther and the farther of Amereca its fredom is Astablished by your wisdom your Sanktion on the treaty with britain has given peace to this vast teretory it has caused the sculping knife to be put into the sheath once more.

Sir I will hear undertake to give your honer a small naritive of my adventers and Suffering in the time of my Servise in your army on the thirtyeth of Jannuary 77 I inlisted for the war as privet Solger being but Sixteen years old altho young I induerd the hard fetiegs of A Solgers life without any foult found with me for aney thing whatsoever this year I was in Several scurmishes and in the hard battle when fort montgomery was taken and made my eskape out of the garison after it was taken 78 I was in A number of skurmishes Near kings brige and white plains where 24 of us mad 33 priseners in one body without any loss on our Side [&] thre on the Ennemys part December 78 I went on command under Cptn pond A Cruising long island Sound 79 was cast on Shore in A storm in open boats at Loids neck near a garison of Loyallists Commanded by Coln Ludlow where we lay from the 9 of Jany untill the 11th then Made priseners of war proceed to New york Suffered Amaisingly Exchanged Set on Shore at Elisebethtown point traviled to Connecticut goind my respecktive Regement Marched to Robesons house there was draughted to go into the ligt troops under Jenrll Wain was at taken of Stoney Point was one of the forlorn hope receivd A wound in my thigh by an Enimys bayonet the year Eighty at the opening of the Campain I was at spring field fox hall and Elisebethtown Actions under the Comand of Magor gibs with his Excellencys lig[ht] gard I was with Ltt Armstrong when 22 of us fought A large body of light horse and broke them in thre full Charges A vicktory which was thought Much of by the baron stuben.

Eighty one I was out with demarkes Lafaate in the light troops.

Eighty two I was home on A Short pass and the infantry went to the Southward which I Escaped but fell in with that Which was as dangerous as the Southern voyge—I receivd four wounds this year thre of them by the yorger horse men Six of us fell in with 32 Comanded by Cp[tn] Derou A yorger after A severe skurmish with them I found that my men were all Cut off I Surrendered by [   ]ing my firelock but no quarters was the word and my determenation was to Sell my life as dear as poseble to make Sh[ure] I Slew Captn Derou and A braking through them recevd thre wounds the Same year was taken prisoner marched as far as barginton where the refuges hosted us for refreshment and I made A prisoner of the centery and brought him off to the block house at dobses fery I Somtime this year promoted to A Sergencey in all my Servise I dont reckeleck of Meeting with one frown from an offecer.

Where is the reward for my Servisces my agent broke with my final Settlements in his hands which he disposed on for goods which he had of his Credittors at newyork and Connecticut dont Seefitt to make me good I am now about Six and thirty years of age my bust I receivd in my side prove troubles[ome] that I receivd at stoney point all my old strains I begin to feell and I pray that your honer will not let me finish my days neglected. May god grant you maney and happy days A peacefull and pleasant Death and A blessed Eternity. from your humble servant

Johnson Cook

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