George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Timothy Pickering, 3 August 1796

Department of State August 3. 1796.


In my letter of the 30th ulto which was forwarded by post the first instant, I had the pleasure to mention the arrival of the Spanish treaty, ratified by His Catholic Majesty. I now do myself the honor to transmit the treaty itself (being a duplicate original) with a proclamation, for your signature, in order to promulgate the same to the citizens of the U. States. I also inclose for your information, a translation of the form in which the treaty was ratified by his Catholic Majesty; and am, with the highest respect, sir, your most obt servant

Timothy Pickering

DNA: RG 59—ML—Miscellaneous Letters.


Spanish Proclamation (Translation)

25 April 1796

Don Carlos, by the Grace of God, King of Castille, of Leon, of Arragon, of the two Scicilies, of Jerusalem, of Navarre, of Granada, of Toledo, of Valencia, of Galicia, of Majorca, of Seville, of Sardinia, of Cordova, of Corsica, of Murcia, of Jaen, of the Algarves, of Algecira, of Gibraltar, of the Canary Islands, of the East and West Indies, Islands and Terra Firma of the Ocean sea, Arch Duke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, of Brabant and of Milan; Count of Absburg, of Flanders, of Tyrol and of Barcelona, Lord of Biscay, and of Molina &c. Whereas we and our Great and well beloved friends, the United States of America, have concluded and signed at San Lorenzo el Real on the twenty seventh day of October in the last Year, through the medium of Plenipotentiaries duly authorized by both parties, a Treaty of Friendship, Limits, and Navigation, of the form and tenor following.

(Here insert the Treaty)

Therefore, I having seen and examined the said twenty three Articles, have approved and ratified, the contents thereof, as by virtue of these Presents I do approve and ratify them, wholly, in the most ample and best possible form, promising on the Word and Faith of King to fulfil and observe them, and to cause the same to be completely fulfilled and observed, as if I myself had signed them. In faith whereof I have ordered the present to be dispatched, which is signed with my hand, sealed with my secret Seal, and countersigned by my underwritten councellor and first Secretary of State and of Dispatches. Given at Aranjuez on the Twenty fifth of April one thousand seven hundred and ninety six.

I the King

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