George Washington Papers

To George Washington from Terence Sweeney, 28 July 1796

Harrisburgh July 28th 1796.

The Memorial of Major Swiney Sheweth, that your Memorialist from long practice and intense observation, both of foreign and domestick trade, hath acquired a competent knowledge of both; and as it is Judiciously appointed by Goverment, that houses in different parts of the frontier of the Union should be stored with Merchandize suitable to the use of Indians. Your Memorialist conscious of the Rectitude of his own intentions, and looking up with an humble degree of confidence to Your Excellency, would Request an appointment to superintend one of these Stores; flattering himself by his assiduity, to promote the genuine intention contemplated by your Excellency in Recommending those kind of publick warehouses, that after trial, your Memorialist would Render to the publick as faithful, and as satisfactory accounts of the trust Reposed in him, as those who may have a train of signatures to Recommend them.

Your Memorialist would further beg leave to observe, that the support of a family chiefly consisting of boys, stimulates him in some measure to make this Request, being possessed of an opinion that, your Excellency may encourage the honest exertion of a man endeavouring to support and educate a family by Industry: and however excentrick this application to some might appear without a long appendage of Recommendation, which your Memorialist intentionally declines to exhibit, as he conceives it tacitly dictating to Your Excellency, who ought, or ought not to be the proper objects of your choice in the above business. He will only add, that he is acquainted with the quality of Peltry & Fur; and should be through the philanthropy of Your Excellency have an appointment of one of those Stores, he will for thaithful performance of the trust Reposed in him, pledge to Your Excellency, his three sons, namely George Washington, Montgomery, and Franklin; all advanced in liturature as far as any of their respective age in the States, And h[e, as] Your Memorialist, has sanguine hopes, that at a future period they will in some degree, emulate the ever memorable characters whose names they bear.

Major Swiney

We know Major Swiney, the above Memorialist, and think unreserved confidence may be placed in him.

John A. Hanna

J. Kean

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