George Washington Papers

Decree Regarding Colvill Estate, 25 July 1796

Virginia 25th July 1796

The Administration of the Estate of Colo. Thomas Colville late of Fairfax County in Virginia being now closed, it appears by the Settlement that there is a Ballance in my Hands of Nine hundred and Thirty two Pounds Seventeen Shillings and Seven pence three Farthings Current Money of Virginia (Dollars at Six Shillings) which by the Will of Colo. Colville is to be divided among the nearest Relations of his Mother Catherine Colville of the Name of Stott, Wills, Richards and Smith. Not chusing to take upon myself a decision of the various Claims to this Legacy I have filed a Bill in the High Court of Chancery to bring the several Claimants into that Court for a discussion of their Claims. In this Suit the customary Order has been made where the parties or any of them reside out of the State which by the Laws of the State is equivalent to the Service of the Subpoena. Those who are interested will pay attention to this Order, as a neglect may bar their Claims. The Money is deposited in the Bank of Alexandria and the Order of Court hereto subjoined.


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